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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter A

Name Length Meaning
Aabhaa 6 light, splendour, colour, a reflection
Aabhaa 6 light
Aabharikaa 10 one who has a halo
Aabhirika 9 a cowherd's wife
Aadhyaa 7 the first power; one of the ten durgas
Aaditi 6 the earth
Aahlaaditaa 11 a woman in a happy mood
Aakaankshaa 11 desire
Aakraanti 9 might, force
Aakuti 6 desire, intention
Aalapini 8 a songstress
Aalokaa 7 woman having lustre
Aamarkali 9 bud of the mango tree
Aamodini 8 fragrance
Aamramanjari 12 blossom of the mango tree
Aamrapali 9 leaf of the mango tree
Aamrapallavi 12 leaf of the mango tree
Aanandaparnaa 13 one who having wings of joy
Aanandee 8 joyful
Aanandi 7 always happy
Aanandini 9 giver of joy
Aananditaa 10 one who spreads joy
Aapti 5 fitness,completion
Aaraa 5 decorative
Aarohee 7 a creeper
Aarunamshu 10 reddish rays
Aarunikaa 9 tawny red
Aasha 5 hope
Aashaalataa 11 creeper of hope
Aashikaa 8 beloved
Aashisha 8 blessed woman
Aashitendu 10 satisfied by eating
Aasmitaa 8 egoism, egotism
Abha 4 lustrous beauti
Abhaya 6 Has no fear
Abheri 6 name of one of the regions or modes of classical music (personified as a female)
Abhi 4 itself
Abhigupti 9 guarding, protecting
Abhijaati 9 a well-born, learned, faultless, aristocratic, noble
Abhijitaa 9 a woman conquered
Abhijiti 8 victiorious name of a nakshatra (planet), vishnu
Abhijna 7 expert
Abhijnaa 8 sensitive, idealistic, and intuitive nature
Abhikaankshaa 13 longing for, desire
Abhilaashaa 11 desire, longing, craving wish
Abhimaati 9 favourite, desirous
Abhimaneenee 12 one who is possessed of self respect
Abhinandaa 10 one who delights
Abhiniti 8 gesture, expressive, gesticulation in a dance, friendship
Abhipriti 9 full of love, pleasure
Abhiraamata 11 beauty, loveliness, delightful
Abhiranjana 11 entertainment from an artist by singing or acting
Abhirat 7 who enjoys a routine occupation
Abhirati 8 pleased, beauty, contented, satisfied
Abhiruchi 9 liking, taste
Abhirupaa 9 beautiful woman
Abhiruptaa 10 comfortable, pleasing, handsome, beautyful, wise, learned
Abhisaarikaa 12 woman who keeps her tryst with her lover
Abhishta 8 one who is dear
Abhivandaka 11 one who salutes respectifully
Abhivayakti 11 manifestation, intimation, revelation, body language, facial expression by an artist.
Abhranjana-Kalaa 16 the art of entertainment by skilled artist
Abjini 6 a colection of lotuses
Aboli 5 name of a flower
Achala 6 constant
Achalaa 7 the earth
Achalatanayaa 13 daughter of the mountain
Achiraa 7 one who is brief
Adhira 6 lightning
Adisshree 9 exalted dignity
Adit 4 from the beginning
Aditi 5 boundless
Aditii 6 the earth
Adrijaa 7 daughter of the mountain
Adrika 6 celestial maiden
Adrikaa 7 small mountain
Advaitaa 8 a unique woman
Advaitaa 8 matchless
Aghanaashaa 11 destroyer of sin
Aghanaashinee 13 the goddess who destroyes sin
Agnayi 6 goddess of fire
Agrajaa 7 elder daughter
Agrata 6 leadership
Agrima 6 leadership
Ahalya 6 wife of rishi gautam, a woman who was saved by lord rama
Aishani 7 goddess durga
Aishwarya 9 wealth
Aishwaryaa 10 prosperity
Ajaa 4 she-goat
Ajalaa 6 the earth
Ajanta 6 a famous buddhist cave
Ajhati 6 woman of good character
Akalkaa 7 moonlight
Akhila 6 total
Akshajaa 8 thunderbolt
Akshataa 8 a virgin
Akshayamati 11 immortal woman
Akshayataa 10 imperishable
Akshayee 8 undecaying
Akshayini 9 immortal
Akshee 6 eye
Akshita 7 seen
Alaka 5 lock of curly hair
Alaka, Alka 12 a girl with a lovelyy hair
Alakanandaa 11 a young girl
Alaknanda 9 a river in the himalayas
Alisha 6 protected by god
Almas 5 a diamond
Alopaa 6 free from desire
Alpaa 5 minute
Alpana 6 a decorative design
Amala, Amla 12 the pure one
Amalaa 6 without sin
Amaraanganaa 12 immortal woman
Amarajaa 8 daughter of the gods
Amasamaalaa 11 a flight of swans
Ambaa 5 mother
Ambika 6 goddess parvati
Ambuja 6 born of a lotus; goddess lakshmi
Ameeta 6 unlimited
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