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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter C

Name Length Meaning
Chaahabaa 9 affection
Chaamundi 9 durga, killer of demons
Chaandaa 8 moon
Chaandavela 11 a king of creeper
Chaarubaalaa 12 beautiful young girl
Chaarudhaara 12 a beautiful woman
Chaaruhassinee 14 one who has a beautiful smile
Chaarulataa 11 beautiful creeper
Chaarumatee 11 one who has endowed with beauti
Chaarusheela 12 a beautiful woman with good character
Chaaruvaakee 12 a woman who speaks sweetly
Chaarvee 8 beautiful
Chahna 6 love
Chaitali 8 born in the month of chaitra
Chaitan 7 consciousness
Chaitree 8 sixth month of vikrama samvat and first of shaalivaahana year
Chakreenee 10 potter
Chakshumatee 12 eye-sight
Chamakali 9 an ornament worn by woman
Chamelee 8 a creeper with flowers
Chameli 7 jasmine
Champa 6 a flower
Champaa 7 a yellow flower
Champaakalee 12 a bud of champa
Champaavarnee 13 one who has the complexion of a champa flower
Champabati 10 bud of champa
Champakavelee 13 a creeper with flowers
Chamundaa 9 an aspect of shakti
Chanchala 9 restlessness; quick
Chanchala 9 unsteady
Chanchalaa 10 lightning
Chandaalikaa 12 low-caste woman
Chandana 8 parrot
Chandanaa 9 sandalwood
Chandanagandhaa 15 one perfumed with sandalwood paste
Chandani 8 a river
Chandani 8 moonlit
Chandanika 10 diminutive of chandana
Chandanikaa 11 a small sandalwood tree
Chandika 8 goddess parvati
Chandikaa 9 wrathful
Chandilaa 9 wrathful
Chandnee, Chandani 19 moonlight
Chandraalee 11 friend of the moon
Chandraanani 12 round faced
Chandraavallaree 16 moon creeper
Chandrabali 11 krishna's girl friend
Chandrabhaga 12 river chenab
Chandracatee 12 illuminated by the moon
Chandrajaa 10 a moonbeam
Chandrajyoti 12 moonlight
Chandrakala 11 moonbeams
Chandrakalaa 12 beauti of the moon
Chandrakin 10 a peacock
Chandralekha 12 a ray of the moon
Chandralekhaa 13 digit of the moon
Chandramaalaa 13 a garland
Chandramaasee 13 wife of brihaspati
Chandramallikaa 15 a kind of jasmine flower
Chandramani 11 moonstone
Chandramani 11 moonstone
Chandramatee 12 a serene woman
Chandramukhee 13 a beautiful woman
Chandrani 9 wife of the moon
Chandrarekhaa 13 streak of the moon
Chandrashilaa 13 soft, gentle
Chandravadanee 14 moonfaced
Chandravassa 12 one who lives on the moon
Chandree 8 moonlight
Chandrikaa 10 moonlight
Chandrima 9 the moon
Chandrimaa 10 the moon
Changuna 8 a good woman
Chantni 7 beloved
Chapala 7 restless; lightning
Chapalaa 8 goddess lakshmi
Charchrikaa 11 joy, happiness
Charita 7 good
Charukeshee 11 one with beauiful long hair
Charulata 9 beautiful
Charuprabha 11 beautiful
Charusheela 11 a jewel
Charvanaa 9 one who reflects
Charvi 6 a beautiful woman
Chatura 7 clever
Chaturaa 8 one who is clever
Chaturaatmaa 12 god emerging in four places
Chelakee 8 nickname (little girl)
Cheshtaa 8 joke
Chetanna 8 wisdom
Chhabi 6 picture
Chhaya 6 shadow
Chhayaa 7 shadow
Chikirshaa 10 desire to do something
Chikitsaa 9 one who administers medicines
Chingaaree 10 spark
Chingee 7 spark
Chinmayi 8 blissful
Chintan, Chintana, Chintanika 31 meditation
Chintani 8 meditation
Chiraayu 8 long life
Chiranjeeveetaa 15 long life
Chiranjeevinee 14 long life
Chirantanee 11 of long standing
Chiti 5 love
Chiti 5 knowledge
Chitkala 8 knowledge
Chitparaa 9 power of thinking
Chitra 6 picture; a star; name of a river
Chitralekha 11 beautiful design; a celestial maiden
Chitralekhaa 12 an artist
Chitrali 8 row of pictures
Chitrangada 11 one of arjun's wives
Chitrani 8 river ganga
Chitrarekha 11 picture
Chitrinee 9 one endowed with many talents
Chitrita 8 picturesque
Chitshakti 10 intellectual capacity
Chitshanti 10 peace of mind
Cholai 6 Grove
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