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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter D

Name Length Meaning
Daamodara 9 bound by rope
Daanavaari 10 enemy of demons
Daaruna 7 very frightening
Daaruna 7 hard, fierce
Daaruna 7 hard, fierce
Daashaarha 10 'dasharha kul' in which krishna was born
Daataa 6 one who blesses the devotees, giver
Dabeet 6 warrior
Daksha 6 able, alert
Daksha 6 clever, expert
Daksha 6 expert, skilful
Dakshaari 9 enemy of 'daksha' who was one of the ten sons of brahmn
Dakshina 8 expert, skilful
Dakshinaanila 13 like a (cold) breeze from south
Dalapati 8 commander of army
Daljita 7 victor over armed forces
Dama 4 a son
Dama 4 taming, subdueing
Dama 4 one who controls
Daman 5 one who controls
Damana 6 taming, subduing
Damana 6 who suppresses all evil thoughts
Damati 6 conquering
Damayitaa 9 keeps in control, suppresses
Dambha 6 the thunderbolt of indra
Damian 6 tamer
Damodar 7 lord ganapati
Danda 5 suppress
Dandadhara 10 one who bears the rod
Dandee 6 hoding mace
Dandin 6 a brahmin of the fourth order
Dandodamayitaa 14 punishing the defaulter
Dapta 5 proud, arrogant
Dariyaalaala 12 son of the sea
Dariyaasaaranga 15 an expert mariner
Darpada 7 who gives pride
Darpahaa 8 who kills pride
Darpahaadarpada 15 who destroys pride, arrogance
Darpaka 7 name of kaamadeva, god of love
Darpan 6 a mirror
Darpana 7 looking glass
Darpita 7 proud
Darshaka 8 vision
Darshan 7 religious text
Daruka 6 the deodar tree
Dasharatha 10 one who has ten chariots
Dasharathi 10 lord rama
Dashrath 8 the father of lord rama
Datta 5 one who is given
Dattachitta 11 one who is engrossed in datta
Dayaakara 9 one who shows compassion, mercy
Dayaala 7 one who has pity
Dayaalachandra 14 moon of mercy
Dayaamaya 9 full of mercy
Dayaananda 10 one who takes joy in being merciful
Dayaanidhi 10 store of compssion, pity
Dayaarama 9 rama, the marciful
Dayaashankara 13 shiva, the merciful
Dayita 6 beloved
Debaashish 10 pleased by god
Debashis 8 benediction of god
Deena 5 one who is in need
Deenaanatha 11 lord of the needy
Deendayaala 11 humble, merciful
Deep 4 a lamp
Deepa 5 light
Deepaayana 10 pathway of a lamp
Deepak 6 lustrous
Deepaka 7 kindle
Deepan 6 lighting up
Deepankar 9 lord of light
Deepankara 10 one who lights the lamp
Deependra 9 lord of the light
Deependu 8 bright moon
Deepesh 7 lord of light
Deepit 6 lighted
Deeptaamshu 11 ray of light
Deeptaamshu 11 the sun
Deeptamoorti 12 god who is brilliant and lustrous
Deeptanshu 10 the sun
Deeptendu 9 bright moon
Deeptimaana 11 radiant beauti
Deeptiman 9 lustrous
Deeptimoy 9 lustrous
Deerghatapaa 12 one who performs penance for a very long time
Dev 3 god; king
Dev Kumar 9 son of gods
Deva 4 god
Deva 4 lustrous
Devaadideva 11 first god (originator) among the gods
Devaagni 8 pure holy fire
Devaagnisukhada 15 one who gives peace to gods through fire
Devaamshu 9 part of god
Devaananda 10 joy of god
Devaangi 8 god of fire
Devaasuragurudeva 17 great teacher of gods and demons
Devaasuramahaashraya 20 one who gives great support to gods and demons
Devaasureshwara 15 lord of gods and demons
Devabrudguru 12 giver and protector of knowledge to gods
Devachintaka 12 one who thinks a bout, worries about gods
Devadatta 9 gift of the god
Devadevaatmasambhava 20 one who produces god of gods
Devadevamaya 12 one who is like the god of gods
Devagna 7 one who knows gods
Devajna 7 a woman having knowledge of god
Devajyoti 9 brightness of the lord
Devak 5 divine
Devakeenandana 14 son of devakee
Devamani 8 the jewel of vishnu
Devanaatha 10 master of gods
Devapriya 9 loved by gods / favourite of gods
Devaraaja 9 king among gods
Devashree 9 fate fortune
Devasinha 9 like a lion among gods
Devasuramaheshwara 18 great god of gods and demons
Devavrata 9 one who has taken a religious vow
Devbrata 8 a name of bhisma
Devdaasa 8 servant of the lord
Devdas 6 follower of god
Devdeva 7 god of gods
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