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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter P

Name Length Meaning
Paanduraabha 12 one with whitish lustre
Paanduranga 11 pale white in complexion
Paapahaa 8 one who destroys sins
Paapanaashana 13 destroyer of sins
Paarampaara 11 one who emancipates the soul from this mortal world
Paarijaata 10 name of one of the five trees of paradise
Paarindra 9 a lion
Paarshada 9 a companion
Paarthava 9 greatness
Paarthiva 9 a king
Paavaka 7 pure, clear
Paavan 6 purifier
Paavana 7 holy, pure
Paavana 7 sacred
Paavana 7 sanctifying
Paavand 7 pure, chaste
Padamanuttamam 14 having the highest status/position
Padapassana 11 one who sits near the tree
Padmaanana 10 lotus-faced
Padmaasana 10 one who resides in the hearts which are like lotuses
Padmabhoota 11 born of the lotus
Padmagarbha 11 in whose lotus like heart brahma resides
Padmagarbha 11 in the middle of the lotus
Padmaja 7 born of the lotus
Padmakaanta 11 beautiful like the lotus
Padmaksha 9 lotus-eyed
Padmalochana 12 lotus-eyed
Padman 6 lotus
Padmanaabha 11 one who has a lotus in his navel
Padmanabha 10 lord vishnu
Padmanibhekshana 16 eyes like lotus
Padmaparaaga 12 pollen of the lotus
Padmapati 9 lord vishnu
Padmaprasanna 13 pleased by the lotus
Padmapriya 10 beloved of the lotus
Padmee 6 one who holds lotus in the hand
Padminn 7 an elephant
Palak 5 eyelash
Palash 6 a flowering tree
Palashkusum 11 the flower of palash
Palashranjan 12 beautiful like a palash
Pallab 6 new leaves
Pana 4 one who transacts the affairs of the universe
Panchabaana 11 the five arrows
Panchajanya 11 conch of krishna
Panchanan 9 lord shiva
Panchavinshanti Tatvastha 25 one who resides in twenty five elements
Panchayajnasamutpattis 22 one from whom five 'yagnas' are produced
Pandhari 8 lord vithobha
Panduranga 10 lord vithobha
Panini 6 the great scholar grammarian
Pankaj 6 lotus
Pannagesha 10 king of serpents
Pannalal 8 emerald
Paraadhara 10 like sage 'paraashara' who was father of vyasa and the author of a 'smriti'
Paraaga 7 pollen
Paraarthavruttivarada 21 blessings for the happiness of others
Paraatpara 10 the supreme being
Parabrahmana 12 the supreme spirit
Parag 5 pollen
Parakaaryeyka Pandita 21 eager to help others
Parakram 8 strength
Param 5 the best
Paramaartha 11 highest truth
Paramaartha 11 one who gives emancipation
Paramaarthaguru 15 a teacher who gives 'moksha', emancipation
Paramaatmaa 11 the great soul/supreme spirit
Paramahamsa 11 the supreme spirit; a spiritual title
Paramajeeta 11 excellent success
Paramam 7 excellent, greatest, supreme, prominent part
Paramananda 11 superlative joy
Paramapashta 12 very pure and transparent
Paramasukha 11 the ultimate happiness
Paramesh 8 lord shiva
Parameshthee 12 one residing in best stations
Parameshtni 11 great god
Parameshwar 11 almighty lord
Parameshwara 12 supreme god
Parameshwara 12 lord of all; supreme lord
Paramhansa 10 supreme soul
Paramphalam 11 one who gives highest fruit
Paranjay 8 varun; lord of the sea
Paranjaya 9 one who conquers others
Paranjaya 9 the winner of enemies
Paranjyoti 10 the supreme light
Parantapa 9 one who makes enemies suffer
Parantapa 9 conqueror; arjuna
Parapuranjaya 13 one who wins over the cities of the enemies
Pararddhi 9 one who extends, expands greatly
Paras 5 touchstone
Parashar 8 an ancient sage
Parashuram 10 sixth incarnation of lord vishnu
Parashwadhee 12 one who holds 'parashu', a battle axe
Parasmani 9 touchmani
Paravasu 8 name of a sage
Paresh 6 supreme lord
Paresha 7 supreme spirit
Parigraha 9 one who accepts offerings
Parijat 7 celestial flower
Pariketa 8 against desire
Parikshit 9 name of an ancient king
Parimal 7 fragrance
Paritosh 8 satisfaction
Paritosha 9 contentment
Parivraajaka 12 sanyasin
Parivrudha 10 the lord of all
Parjanya 8 rain
Parjanya 8 rain
Parnad 6 a brahmin in the epics
Partha 6 arjuna
Parthapratim 12 like arjuna
Parvata 7 mountain
Parvatinandan 13 lord ganesh
Parvesh 7 lord of celebration
Paryavasthita 13 pervasive in all four directions
Paryaya 7 order
Pashubharata 12 lord of all creatures
Pashupati 9 the lord of all the animals
Pashupatinaatha 15 lord of all animals
Pasuoati 8 lord shiva
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