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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter A

Name Length Meaning
Aaatmayoni 10 born on his own
Aabhaas 7 awareness
Aadarsha 8 a looking glass
Aadhaaranilaya 14 residing on earth
Aadhikara 9 shiva
Aadi 4 first; most important
Aadideva 8 the first god
Aadima 6 in the beginning
Aadimurti 9 first creation
Aadinatha 9 the first lord
Aadishwara 10 the first god
Aadisura 8 the first god
Aadita 6 from the first
Aaditeya 8 immortal
Aaditya 7 sun
Aadityanaaraayana 17 sun
Aadityavardhana 15 one who embellishes the sun
Aadityesha 10 the sun god
Aagama 6 coming, birth
Aagneya 7 son of agni
Aagranee 8 leads first
Aahlada 7 delight
Aakaashdeepa 12 light of the sky
Aakar 5 shape
Aakarsha 8 to attract
Aakasha 7 to shine
Aakil 5 intelligent
Aalaapa 7 first part of a dialogue
Aalaapee 8 one who sings
Aalambi 7 hold on to
Aalap 5 musical prelude, conversation
Aalochana 9 to perceive
Aaloka 6 cry of victory
Aaloka 6 splendour, light, a word of praise uttered by a bard
Aamnaaya 8 like veda
Aanana 6 visage; face
Aananda 7 joy
Aananda 7 joy
Aanandabrahma 13 eternal joy
Aanandagiri 11 mountain of joy
Aanandamaya 11 steeped in happiness
Aanandamurti 12 picture of happiness
Aanandarupa 11 eternal joy
Aanandarupa 11 eternal joy
Aanandasaagara 14 sea of joy
Aanandaswarupa 14 eternal joy
Aanandavardhana 15 one who adds to joy
Aandaleeb 9 the beautiful bird
Aandola 7 to swing, moving
Aanetra 7 to see until one is satisfied
Aapta 5 reliable, trustworthy
Aaradhaka 9 one who worships
Aarunaka 8 reddish
Aaryadeva 9 best among the aryans
Aaryashura 10 courageoous
Aashaankita 11 full of hope
Aashika 7 lover
Aashlesha 9 to embrace
Aashrama 8 place of rest, abode
Aashrama 8 one giving tranquility like aashrama
Aashtika 8 son of the sage jaratharu and his wife manasa devi
Aashutosha 10 one who is easily pleased
Aastika 7 one who has faith in the vedas
Aatiteya 8 son of aatit
Aatmabhoo 9 self generated
Aatmadeva 9 soul
Aatmaja 7 born to oneself
Aatmajyoti 10 brilliant on his own or through his own soul
Aatman 6 the self
Aatmaram 8 one who strives to get spritual knowledge
Aatmayoni 9 self created
Aatmayu 7 one blessed with long life
Aavartana 9 runs the wheel of the universe
Aayati 6 majestic, dignified
Aayu 4 span of life
Aayushabdapati 14 lord of duration of life and words
Aayushmaan 10 one blessed with long life
Abaalendu 9 full moon
Abaj 4 the moon, the physician of gods, the conch
Abbas 5 a family name
Abhaaswaras 11 a class of deities, sixty-four in number, of whose nature little is known
Abhava 6 without birth
Abhay 5 fearless
Abhaya 6 assurance of safety or protection, fearlessness, name of a son of dharma and daya (a sage)
Abhayaa 7 fearless
Abhayadatta 11 son of fearless
Abhayasimha 11 fearless lion
Abheda 6 undivided, identical
Abheek 6 fearless
Abheeru 7 fearless
Abhibhav 8 victorious, powerful
Abhichaksha 11 gracious look, view, perceive
Abhichandra 11 an auspicious time
Abhigupta 9 guarding, protecting
Abhijaat 8 a well-born, learned, faultless, aristocratic, noble
Abhijaata 9 noble, wise
Abhijaatya 10 graceful, dignified
Abhijay 7 graceful, dignified
Abhijay 7 complete victory
Abhijaya 8 one who is victorious
Abhijit 7 victiorious name of a nakshatra (planet), vishnu
Abhijit 7 victorious
Abhijita 8 a name of a sage
Abhijnya 8 recognition
Abhik 5 lover
Abhikham 8 to desire, love
Abhikram 8 to go near, beginning, undertaking a work
Abhilaap 8 expression, declaration (as the object of vow)
Abhilash 8 desire
Abhim 5 one who causes no fear, another name of vishnu
Abhimaanyav 11 descendant of abhimanyu
Abhimaat 8 favourite, desirous
Abhimanee 9 one who is proud
Abhimanyu 9 quick to anger
Abhimanyu 9 arjuna's son
Abhimanyu 9 son of arjun and subhadra, conqueror and famous for valour even as a boy
Abhinand 8 to please, rejoice, salute, welcome, greet
Abhinandana 11 method of greeting, welcome, greet, praise, applaud, delight
Abhinav 7 novel, new or recent
Abhinav 7 novel
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