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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter J

Name Length Meaning
Jag 3 the universe
Jagadaadija 11 one who is born first in the world
Jagadaadija 11 one who is born first in this world
Jagadaguru 10 teacher of the universe
Jagadbandhu 11 lord krishna
Jagadeepa 9 light of the world
Jagadeesha 10 lord of the universe
Jagadhvitalshee 15 one who does welfare for the universe
Jagadish 8 lord of the universe
Jagajeeta 9 conqueror of the world
Jagajeevana 11 life of the world
Jaganmay 8 lord vishnu
Jaganmohan 10 one who attracts the world
Jagannaatha 11 lord of the universe
Jagannaatha 11 lord of the universe
Jaganu 6 fire
Jagat 5 the universe
Jagata 6 world
Jagatasetu 10 like a bridge of the universe
Jagjeevan 9 worldly life
Jagmi 5 wind
Jahan 5 the world
Jahnu 5 one who kills; one who carries
Jaichand 8 victory of the moon
Jaidayal 8 victory of kindness
Jaidev 6 victory of god
Jaideva 7 god of victory
Jaigopal 8 victory of lord krishna
Jaimini 7 an ancient philosopher
Jainarayan 10 victory
Jainendra 9 conqueror of india
Jaipaala 8 one who protects success
Jaipal 6 lord brahma
Jairaj 6 lord of victory
Jaisal 6 famous folk hero and singer
Jaisukh 7 joy of winning
Jaiwant 7 victory
Jal 3 victory
Jalaadhi 8 ocean
Jalaarka 8 the image of the sun reflected in water
Jalaarnava 10 rainy season
Jaladhara 9 cloud
Jalal 5 glory
Jalasandha 10 sandh union
Jalendu 7 moon in the water
Jaleshwara 10 lord of the water
Jalil 5 revered
Jamadagni 9 fire-eater
Jamadagni 9 like sage jamadagni who was a descendant of bhrigu and father of parasuram. he was deeply engaged in study and had obtained entire possession of vedas
Jamanaadaas 11 servant of jamuna
Jamanaalaala 12 son of jamuna
Janaadhyaksha 13 presiding ovwe people
Janaardan 9 like vishni, krishna
Janaardana 10 one who kills 'asura' traits
Janaardana 10 one who helps people
Janajanmaadi 12 fundamental cause of birth
Janajanmaadi 12 responsible for every soul
Janak 5 father of sita
Janaka 6 one who created the universe
Janamejay 9 a mythological king
Janamitra 9 friend of the people
Janana 6 creator, father
Janardan 8 lord vishnu
Janesha 7 master of all
Janeshwara 10 god residing in the hearts of all
Janmaadhipa 11 lord of birth
Janmamrutyujaraatiga 20 one who has overcome birth, death and old age
Jany 4 fire, living being
Japa 4 chanting
Japendra 8 lord of chants (lord shiva)
Japesh 6 lord of chants (lord shiva)
Japya 5 worth chanting
Jaraadishanaman 15 one who can remove old age
Jasaraaja 9 king of fame
Jasbeer 7 victorious hero
Jashan 6 celebration
Jaspal 6 lord krishna
Jasveer 7 hero of fame
Jaswant 7 victorious
Jaswant 7 famous
Jataadhara 10 knotted hair
Jataashankara 13 matted hair
Jataayu 7 a semi-divine bird
Jatan 5 nurturing
Jatee 5 one who wears matted hair
Jatee Mundee Cha Kundalee 25 one who has matted hair, shaven head and wears earrings
Jatila 6 one who has matted hair
Jatila 6 lion
Jatin 5 pertaining to a saint
Jatookarnya 11 one who is like the sage jatookarnya
Javed 5 immortal
Jawaahara 9 jewel
Jawahar 7 jewel
Jaya 4 victory
Jayadeepa 9 light of victory
Jayadeva 8 god of victory
Jayaditya 9 victorious sun
Jayajaa 7 one who is victorious
Jayakaalavid 12 one who knows the time of victory
Jayakaanta 10 pleasing success
Jayanta 7 lord vishnu
Jayanta 7 victor
Jayapaala 9 one who protects success
Jayaraaja 9 victorious king
Jayashekhara 12 crest of victory
Jayasukha 9 success, happiness
Jayin 5 one who is victorious
Jeemutbahan 11 lord indra
Jeeva 5 life
Jeevan 6 life
Jeevana 7 life
Jeevana 7 life
Jeevanadaasa 12 servant of life
Jeevitaantakaaro Nitya 22 one who destroys life eternally
Jeeviteshwara 13 one who governs life
Jehangir 8 akbar's son
Jhasha 6 heat, warmth
Jhashaanka 10 uncontrolled
Jhoomer 7 ornament
Jidvisha 8 visha, poison
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