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Name for Nakshatra Chitra - Nakshatra Birth Star Chitra

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Pearly 6 Girl pearl pearly just similar to pearl
Pehr 4 Girl Phase, Time Of Day
Pekham 6 Girl Peacock feather's while it dances during rain
Pernita 7 Girl Answered prayer
Peshala 7 Boy delicate
Peya 4 Girl everyone's favourite
Poushali 8 Girl of the month poush
Raadhaa 7 Girl prosperity
Raadhikaa 9 Girl raadhaa
Raaga 5 Girl a musical note
Raaja 5 Boy king
Raajaamsaa 10 Boy a flamingo
Raajadulaaree 13 Girl a princess
Raajakumaara 12 Boy prince
Raajakumari 11 Girl a princess
Raajanvatee 11 Girl the earth, governed by a good king
Raajavilochana 14 Boy one having beautiful eyes
Raajeeva 8 Boy a blue lotus
Raajyashree 11 Girl prosperity of a king
Raajyavardhana 14 Boy one who increases the prosperity of a kingdom
Raajyavatee 11 Girl one who owns a kingdom
Raakesha 8 Boy lord of the night
Raakhaala 9 Boy derived from raksha to save, protect
Raakhi 6 Girl symbol of protection ; full moon in the month of sravan
Raama 5 Boy pleasing, charming
Raamakumaar 11 Boy kumaara, boy, youth
Raamamohana 11 Boy literally, delight of raama
Raamaprasaada 13 Boy blessings of rama
Raanee 6 Girl queen
Raatri 6 Girl night
Rabia 5 Girl famous; godly
Rachanaa 8 Girl arrangement
Rachita 7 Girl created
Rachna 6 Girl creation
Radha 5 Girl beloved of lord krishna
Radhakanta 10 Boy lord krishna
Radhakrishna 12 Boy radha and lord krishna
Radhavallabh 12 Boy lord krishna (beloved of radha)
Radheya 7 Boy karna
Radheyshyam 11 Boy lord krishna
Radhika 7 Girl radha
Radhika 7 Girl Successful
Rafat 5 Boy elevation
Raghav 6 Boy lord rama
Raghavendra 11 Boy lord rama
Raghu 5 Boy the family of lord rama
Raghunandan 11 Boy lord rama
Raghunath 9 Boy lord rama
Raghupati 9 Boy lord rama
Raghuvir 8 Boy lord rama
Ragini 6 Girl a melody
Rahas 5 Boy secret
Raheem 6 Boy merciful
Rahman 6 Boy merciful
Rahul 5 Boy son of lord buddha
Raj 3 Boy kingdom
Raja 4 Boy king
Rajalakshmi 11 Girl goddess lakshmi
Rajam 5 Boy goddess lakshmi
Rajan 5 Boy king
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