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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter B

Name Length Meaning
Baahulee 8 full moon in the month of kartik
Baalaa 6 young girl
Baanee 6 speech
Babhravee 9 another name of durga
Badarikaa 9 name of one of the many sources of the ganges
Bageshree 9 beauti
Bahinsa 7 sister
Bahula 6 a star
Bahula 6 abundant; born under the pleiades
Baidehi 7 sita
Baijayanti 10 garland of lord vishnu
Baisakhi 8 the month of baishakh
Baishali 8 an ancient city
Bakulaa 7 tiny white flower
Bala 4 girl
Balajaa 7 earth
Ballari 7 creeper
Banamala 8 forests
Banani 6 forests
Bandana 7 worship
Banhi 5 fire
Banhishikha 11 flame
Banita 6 woman
Bansari 7 flute
Bansari 7 flute
Bansuri 7 flute
Barishmati 10 a woman bright as fire
Barsha 6 rain
Baruna 6 wife of the lord of the sea
Baruni 6 goddess durga
Basabi 6 wife of lord indira
Basanti 7 of spring
Beeja 5 origin, seed
Beejalee 8 lightning
Beenaa 6 intelligence
Bela, Beli 11 a flower (jasmine)
Belaa 5 wave limit
Benazzir 8 incomparable
Bhaagvati 9 fortunate woman
Bhaagyaa 8 prosperity
Bhaamaa 7 a passionate woman
Bhaanavee 9 daughter of bhanu
Bhaanushree 11 handsome woman
Bhaaratee 9 goddess of speech
Bhaargavee 10 daughter of the sun
Bhaasvatee 10 one who is luminious
Bhaavana 8 always thinks about welfare of devotees
Bhaavanaa 9 faith, desire
Bhaavikaa 9 natural
Bhaavinee 9 a noble lady
Bhadra 6 the ganges
Bhadra 6 gentle
Bhadraakshee 12 man having beautiful eyes
Bhadraalee 10 beautiful female friend
Bhadrabaalaa 12 beautiful young woman
Bhadradaa 9 one who brings good fortune
Bhadrakaalee 12 name of durga
Bhadramallikaa 14 beautiful jasmine
Bhadramukhee 12 one with a beautiful face
Bhadraparnaa 12 having beautiful leaves
Bhadrapriyaa 12 beloved
Bhadrasheelaa 13 one with a good character
Bhadravatee 11 gentle woman
Bhadrika 8 handsome
Bhadrikaa 9 woman with good fortune
Bhagirathi 10 the river ganga
Bhagwanti 9 lucky
Bhagya 6 luck
Bhagyalakshmee 14 lakshmi who brings prosperity
Bhagyawati 10 fortunate
Bhairavee 9 a claasical melody
Bhairavo 8 goddess durga
Bhaktajaa 9 one born to a religious woman
Bhakti 6 devotion
Bhakti 6 devotion
Bhaminee 8 beautiful woman
Bhamini 7 woman
Bhanumatee 10 beautiful woman
Bhanumati 9 full of lusture
Bhanupriya 10 beloved of the sun
Bhargavi 8 goddess durga
Bharti 6 goddess saraswati
Bhasantee 9 a brilliant woman
Bhaumaa 7 belonging to the earth
Bhavaambee 10 mother of a good woman
Bhavana, Bhavna 16 meditation; thinking
Bhavini 7 beautiful; illustrious
Bhavini 7 goddess parvati
Bhavyattaa 10 one with regal splendour
Bheema 6 Goddess Durga
Bhilangana 10 a river
Bhogavati 9 one who gives pleasure
Bhoomeejaa 10 daughter of the earth
Bhoomi 6 the earth
Bhoomika 8 the earth
Bhramaanee 10 saraswatee
Bhramee 7 full of lustre
Bhumika 7 Earth
Bhupali 7 a raagini in Indian music
Bhuvana 7 earth
Bhuvaneshwari 13 The Great Goddess, Mata Parvati
Bhuvi 5 Bliss
Bimbiikaa 9 the disc of the sun or moon
Binaa 5 a musical instrument
Binata 6 the wife of sage kashyap
Bindiyaa 8 a droplet
Bindu 5 a drop
Bindu 5 a drop
Bindumaalini 12 one wearing a garland of pearls
Bindumatee 10 a small particle
Bineeta 7 one who is humble
Binodini 8 handsome; beautiful radha
Bipasha 7 a river; beas
Bishakha 8 a star
Bisini 6 a cluster of lotuses
Brattati 8 creeper
Brinda 6 the basil plant; radha
Bulabula 8 name of a bird which sings sweetly
Bulbul 6 a songbird
Bulbuli 7 a songbird
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