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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter M

Name Length Meaning
Maadhabee 9 honey-like sweet
Maadhavee 9 a name of lakshmi
Maadhurya 9 sweetness
Maalaa 6 a garland
Maalaashree 11 beautiful garland
Maalaavati 10 name of a river
Maalatee 8 a virgin
Maalikaa 8 a necklace
Maalinee 8 a florist
Maanavatee 10 a high-spirited woman
Maanika 7 ruby
Maanikaa 8 jewel, gem
Maaninee 8 a strong minded, proud woman
Maatangee 9 paarvatee
Maatraa 7 a moment, weaalth
Maayaa 6 an illusory image
Maayaa 6 illusion
Madadhumadhvi 13 a kind of intoxicating drink
Madanalalitaa 13 a woman made beautiful by love
Madanamanjushaa 15 a casket of love
Madanamohinee 13 an attractive woman who rouses passion
Madanashalakaa 14 cuckoo
Madani 6 intoxicating
Madayantikaa 12 a variety of jasmine
Madhavi 7 a creeper with beautiful flowers; springtime
Madhavikaa 10 a creeper
Madhu 5 sweet honey
Madhubaalaa 11 young and sweet
Madhubala 9 sweet girl
Madhuchanda 11 pleasing metrical composition
Madhujaa 8 earth
Madhukaantaa 12 a pleasing husband
Madhukaarikaa 13 a large, black bee
Madhuksara 10 one who showers honey
Madhulata 9 sweet creeper
Madhulekha 10 beautiful girl
Madhulika 9 honey
Madhulikaa 10 sweet like honey
Madhulikaa 10 polen, black mustard
Madhumaalaa 11 a beautiful garland
Madhumalati 11 a flowering creeper
Madhumanjaree 13 a beautiful sproout
Madhumatee 10 a sweet tempered woman
Madhumati 9 full of honey
Madhumeetaa 11 a moderate, sweet woman
Madhumita 9 honey
Madhunisha 10 pleasant night
Madhupreetaa 12 one fond of honey
Madhura 7 ssugar
Madhuraa 8 melodious
Madhuraakshee 13 one with beautiful eyes
Madhurasaa 10 a bunch of grapes
Madhuree 8 a sweet woman
Madhureetaa 11 sweetness
Madhuri 7 sweetness
Madhurima 9 sweetness
Madhurimaa 10 beauti
Madhushree 10 delightful beauti
Madhushri 9 the spring
Madhuyaaminee 13 sweet night
Madiraa 7 goddess of wine
Madiraakshee 12 one who has eyes as red as madiraa
Madirakshi 10 woman with intoxicating eyes
Madirekshana 12 one having intoxicating eyes
Mahaadevee 10 the most powerful goddess
Mahaaprabhaa 12 one of extreme splendour
Mahaashuklaa 12 extreme whiteness
Mahaavidyaa 11 great knowledge
Mahadevi 8 goddess parvati
Mahagauri 9 goddess parvati
Mahajabeen 10 beautiful
Mahalakshmi 11 goddess lakshmi
Mahamaya 8 goddess durga
Mahasweta 9 goddess saraswati
Mahati 6 great
Maheshanee 10 paarvatee
Maheshwaree 11 durgaa
Mahi 4 the earth
Mahika 6 the earth
Mahima 6 greatness
Mahjuba 7 a hostess
Mahua 5 an intoxicating flower
Maina 5 a bird
Mainaakee 9 paarvatee
Maithili 8 sita
Maitreya 8 name of a sage
Maitreyee 9 friend
Maitreyi 8 a learned woman of the past
Maitri 6 friendship
Makshi 6 honeybee
Mala 4 a garland
Malashree 9 an early evening melody
Malati 6 a creeper with fragrant flowers
Malaya 6 a creeper
Malika 6 a garland
Malina 6 dark
Malini 6 a garlandmaker
Mallika 7 jasmine
Mamata 6 affection
Mamataa 7 love
Manaalee 8 a friend of the mind
Manali 6 a bird
Manasvinee 10 a wise or virtuous woman
Manda 5 a river
Mandaa 6 one who is slow
Mandaakinee 11 ganga
Mandakini 9 a river
Mandakranta 11 a sanskrit metre
Mandarmalika 12 a garland of celestial flowers
Mandira 7 cymbals; home
Mandiraa 8 a dwelling
Mangala 7 auspicious
Mangalaa 8 prosperous
Manideepa 9 a lamp of pricious stones
Manikuntala 11 one whose hair is like gems
Manimaalaa 10 a necklace of jewels
Manimala 8 a string of pearls
Manimekhala 11 a griddle of gems
Manisha,Monisha 15 intellect
Manishaa 8 wisdom, intelligence
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