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Name for Nakshatra P.Shadha - Nakshatra Birth Star P.Shadha

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Bhujagottama 12 Boy best snake/ ananta sheshanaaga
Bhumika 7 Girl Earth
Bhupali 7 Girl a raagini in Indian music
Bhupindar 9 Boy The King Of Kings
Bhuvana 7 Boy any one of three worlds
Bhuvana 7 Girl earth
Bhuvanesha 10 Boy lord of the world
Bhuvaneshwari 13 Girl The Great Goddess, Mata Parvati
Bhuvi 5 Girl Bliss
Bhuvnesh 8 Boy the lord of the world (vishnu)
Dhaama 6 Boy light
Dhaamkara 9 Boy creator of lustre, splendour
Dhaaraa 7 Girl a stream of water
Dhaarinee 9 Girl the earth
Dhaataa 7 Boy one who holds this universe
Dhaatree 8 Girl earth
Dhaatreesha 11 Boy lord of the earth
Dhaatrudhaamaa 14 Boy one who holds the universe
Dhairyabaalaa 13 Girl endowed with courage
Dhairyavaan 11 Boy one who is courageous
Dhanaadhipa 11 Boy lord of wealth i.e. kuber
Dhanaagama 10 Boy giver of wealth
Dhanada 7 Girl one who gifts wealth
Dhanadaasa 10 Boy servant of wealth
Dhanalakshmee 13 Girl goddess of wealth
Dhananjay 9 Boy arjuna
Dhananjaya 10 Boy one who wins wealth
Dhananjaya 10 Boy who has won plenty of wealth
Dhanapati 9 Boy lord of wealth
Dhanashri 9 Girl raga
Dhanavidyaa 11 Girl treasure of knowledge
Dhanesh 7 Boy lord of wealth
Dhanesha 8 Boy lord of wealth
Dhaneshwara 11 Boy lord of wealth
Dhaneshwara 11 Boy lord of wealth
Dhaneshwaree 12 Girl goddess of wealth
Dhanishta 9 Girl a star
Dhanraj 7 Boy lord kuber
Dhansukh 8 Boy wealthy; happy
Dhanu 5 Boy one who holds bow
Dhanurdhara 11 Boy one who has a bow
Dhanurdharo Dhanurved 21 Boy one who holds the bow and knows the science of archery
Dhanurjaya 10 Girl beauty of wealth
Dhanurveda 10 Boy veda concerning archery
Dhanvant 8 Boy wealthy
Dhanvee 7 Girl one who has a bow
Dhanvee 7 Girl one who holds the bow
Dhanya 6 Boy thankful
Dhanya 6 Boy fortunate, bleesed
Dhanya 6 Girl great
Dhara 5 Girl the earth
Dhara 5 Girl current of water
Dharaa 6 Girl earth
Dharaadhara 11 Boy one who holds the earth
Dharanaa 8 Girl the act of supporting
Dharaneedhara 13 Boy who holds earth
Dharani 7 Girl the earth
Dharitree 9 Girl the earth
Dharitri 8 Girl the earth
Dharma 6 Boy the law
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