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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter N

Name Length Meaning
Naagabhooshana 14 with ornaments of snakes
Naagabhushana 13 one who has a serpent as his ornament
Naagahaaradhruk 15 one who wears the necklace of snakes
Naagaraaja 10 king of the serpents
Naagendra 9 king of the serpents
Naagesha 8 king of the serpents
Naageshwara 11 lord of the cobras
Naakesha 8 lord of gods
Naanaabhootarata 16 one who lays with many beings
Naaraayana 10 one who resides in five elements
Naaraayana 10 refuge of man
Naarasinghavapu 15 taking the form of narasinha yayoti
Nabarun 7 morning sun
Nabendu 7 new moon
Nabhakaanti 11 splendour of the skies
Nabhamani 9 jewel of the skies, the sun
Nabharava 9 like rains
Nabhi 5 focus; the best
Nabhogati 9 who moves in the sky
Nabhoyoni 9 generating the cause for the sky, water, atmosphere
Nachiketa 9 an ancient rishi, fire
Nachiketa 9 fire
Nadeedhara 10 one who holds river
Nadir 5 pinnacle
Nagendra 8 lord of the mountains
Nagendra 8 seshnag
Nagesh 6 seshnag
Nagnavratadhara 15 having a bow to remain naked
Nahusha 7 a mythological king
Naika 5 many, several
Naikaatma 9 one who has several forms
Naikaja 7 several births
Naikakarmakrut 14 one who has been 'kartaa' in several forms
Naikamaaya 10 one who creats illusions
Naikaroopa 10 one who takes many forms
Naikashrunga 12 with several peaks
Nairit 6 south-west
Naishadh 8 king nala, a hero from the mahabharata who was king of nishadha
Nakshatra 9 star
Nakshatra 9 star
Nakshatramaalee 15 one who is wearing a garland of 'nakshatras' i.e. 27 constellations
Nakshatranaatha 15 lord of the stars, moon
Nakshatranemi 13 circumscribed by planets
Nakshatrapati 13 lord of the stars, moon
Nakshatree 10 lord of the planets
Nakul 5 lotus
Nalin 5 lotus
Nalina 6 lotus, water
Nalinaksha 10 lotus-eyed
Nalinaksha 10 lotus-eyed
Nalkaatmaa Nalkakarmakruta 26 having many forms and performing many deeds
Naman 5 salutation
Namdev 6 lord vishnu
Nanak 5 guru of the sikhs
Nand 4 joyful
Nanda 5 having all kinds of achievements
Nandakee 8 sword
Nandan 6 pleasing
Nandana 7 son, pleasing
Nandana 7 one who gives joy
Nandee 6 joy and also shiva's riding bull
Nandeeshwara 12 lord of the riding bull
Nandi 5 great joy
Nandi 5 one who pleases others
Nandi 5 the bull of shivs; lord shiva
Nandiskandadhara 16 one who sits on the back of 'nandi', the bull
Naotau 6 new
Nara 4 literally, man
Nara 4 man
Narahari 8 man-lion
Narahari 8 lord vishnu
Naranaaraayanapriya 19 favourite of men and god vishnu
Narasimha 9 an incarnation of lord vishnu
Narasimha 9 lion among man
Narasinh Nipaatana 18 one who destroyed the pride of the one who had taken birth as 'narasinh'
Naravaahana 11 as epithet of kubera, hence like kubera
Narayan 7 lord vishnu
Naren 5 king among man
Narendra 8 king among man
Narendra 8 king
Naresh 6 king
Naresha 7 king among man
Narmada 7 bringing delight
Narottama 9 best among man
Nata 4 dancer, an actor
Nata 4 dancer
Nataraaja 9 king among actors
Natesh 6 lord shiva
Natwar 6 lord krishna
Naval 5 wonder
Navaneet 8 butter
Navanidhiana 12 one having nine different treasures
Navanita 8 fresh butter
Naveen 6 new
Navina 6 new, fresh
Navrang 7 beautiful
Navroz 6 a parsee festival
Naya 4 one who leads
Nayan 5 eye
Nayana 6 eye
Nayana 6 eye
Nayanaadhyaksha 15 one who resides in everybody's eyes
Neela 5 blue
Neelaa 6 blue
Neelaanjana 11 antimony
Neeladri 8 the nilgiris
Neelagreeva 11 with black neck
Neelakantha 11 one who has black neck
Neelakantha 11 peacock
Neelalohita 11 blackish blue and red (shiva's neck is blue and 'jataa' (matted hair) are of reddish colour
Neelamber 9 blue sky
Neelanga 8 blue-complexioned
Neelanjan 9 blue
Neelendra 9 king of darkness
Neelesh 7 blue god
Neelesh 7 lord krishna; moon
Neelkanta 9 lord shiva
Neelmadhav 10 lord jagannath
Neelmani 8 sapphire
Neelotpal 9 blue lotus
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