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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter P

Name Length Meaning
Paarvatee 9 daughter of the mountain
Paatali 7 the trumpet flower
Paavanee 8 sacred
Paavani 7 pure, chaste
Paayala 7 anklet
Padamakali 10 lotus bud
Padma 5 goddess lakshmi
Padmaa 6 lotus
Padmaanjali 11 one whose hands are full of lotuses
Padmaasanaa 11 lakshmee seated on the lotus
Padmajaa 8 lakshmi
Padmakshee 10 lotus-eyed
Padmal 6 lotus
Padmalataa 10 a lotus creeper
Padmalaya 9 lake of lotuses
Padmalochana 12 lotuseyed
Padmalochanaa 13 lotus-eyed
Padmalochini 12 lotus-eyed
Padmamaalaa 11 garland of lotus flowers
Padmapatraa 11 lakshmi
Padmaprasannaa 14 pleased by the lotus
Padmapriyaa 11 beloved of the lotus
Padmaraaga 10 queen of the lotus
Padmarekhaa 11 a small portion of lotus
Padmarupaa 10 one who has lotus-like beauty
Padmasambhavaa 14 one born out of the lotus
Padmashobhaa 12 shining like a lotus
Padmavarnaa 11 lotus-coloured
Padmavati 9 goddess lakshmi
Padminee 8 an elephant
Padminee 8 beautiful
Padmini 7 lotus
Pakhi 5 bird
Pakshi 6 bird
Palaashikasa 12 petal of a palashi flower
Pallavee 8 creeper in full bloom
Pallavi 7 new leaves
Pallavinee 10 having young shoots or leaves
Pallavini 9 with new leaves
Palli 5 lamp
Pallikaa 8 a small village
Panchaalikaa 12 a doll
Panchali 8 draupadi's name
Pankaja 7 lotus
Pankajaa 8 born in mud
Pankajaakshee 13 lotus-eyed
Pankajanayanee 14 lotus-eyed
Pankajinee 10 lotus plant
Pankti 6 a line
Panna 5 emerald
Pannaa 6 emerald
Parama 6 excedding; the best
Parameshwaree 13 supreme goddess
Paramita 8 wisdom
Paranashri 10 leafy beauti
Pari 4 fairy
Paridhi 7 realm
Parimala 8 a fragrant substance
Parimalaa 9 a fragrant substance
Parimitaa 9 moderate
Parineetaa 10 a married woman
Paritaa 7 in each direction
Parivrittaa 11 revolved, ended
Parmeshwari 11 goddess durga
Parnaa 6 leaves
Parnal 6 leafy
Parni 5 leafy
Parnika 7 creeper
Parnikaa 8 small leaf
Parthivi 8 sita
Parul 5 name of a flower
Parvani 7 full moon; a festival or a special day
Parvati 7 durga
Parveen 7 star
Patamanjari 11 a raga
Patralekha 10 a name from ancient epics
Pauraalikaa 11 a raag
Pavanee 7 wind
Pavani 6 purifier; ganga
Pavani 6 sacred;river ganga
Pavitra 7 holy, sacred
Pavitraa 8 chaste, pure
Pavitree 8 holy
Payal 5 anklet
Payaswini 9 a milch-cow
Payoja 6 lotus
Pearly 6 pearl pearly just similar to pearl
Peetashma 9 topaz
Pehr 4 Phase, Time Of Day
Pekham 6 Peacock feather's while it dances during rain
Pernita 7 Answered prayer
Peya 4 everyone's favourite
Phaalgunee 10 name of a constellation
Phalaashaa 10 desire for fruit of the action
Phiroza 7 turquoise
Phoolen 7 flower
Phoolla 7 in full bloom
Phoolmaalaa 11 garland of flowers
Phoolmani 9 a jewel among flowers
Phoolrani 9 queen of flowers
Pia 3 beloved
Piki 4 cuckoo
Pingala 7 lakshmi
Pival 5 a tree
Piyali 6 a tree
Piyushaa 8 full of nectar
Pooja 5 act of worship
Pooja 5 worship
Poonam 6 night of the full moon
Poonam 6 merit
Poorbi 6 eastern
Poorbi 6 ancient
Poornaa 7 complete, fulness
Poornashree 11 full of beauty
Poorti 6 fulfilment
Poorvaa 7 the east
Poorvajaa 9 one who comes before
Poushali 8 of the month poush
Praachee 8 the eastern horizon
Praacheenaa 11 ancient
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