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Baby Names by Sign

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Bhaagvati 9 Girl fortunate woman
Bhaagyaa 8 Girl prosperity
Bhaagyadatta 12 Boy given by good fortune
Bhaalnetra 10 Boy who has an eye on the forehead
Bhaamaa 7 Girl a passionate woman
Bhaamaha 8 Boy the sun
Bhaanavee 9 Girl daughter of bhanu
Bhaanu 6 Boy sun, ray of light
Bhaanu 6 Boy sun
Bhaanu 6 Boy full of light
Bhaanudutta 11 Boy gift of the sun
Bhaanushree 11 Girl handsome woman
Bhaarabhrut 11 Boy bears the burden
Bhaaratee 9 Girl goddess of speech
Bhaargava 9 Boy the perceptor of demons
Bhaargavee 10 Girl daughter of the sun
Bhaartha Bhushana 17 Boy a natonal treasure
Bhaaskara 9 Boy the sun
Bhaaskaradyuti 14 Boy shining like the sun
Bhaasvaan 9 Boy bright
Bhaasvanta 10 Boy full of light
Bhaasvara 9 Boy bright
Bhaasvatee 10 Girl one who is luminious
Bhaava 6 Boy truth, reality, feeling, love, meaning
Bhaavaatmaatmani Sansthita 26 Boy residing in every soul with love, affection
Bhaavan 7 Boy creator
Bhaavana 8 Girl always thinks about welfare of devotees
Bhaavanaa 9 Girl faith, desire
Bhaavika 8 Boy natural
Bhaavikaa 9 Girl natural
Bhaavinee 9 Girl a noble lady
Bhadra 6 Girl the ganges
Bhadra 6 Boy beneficial
Bhadra 6 Girl gentle
Bhadraaksha 11 Boy man having beautiful eyes
Bhadraakshee 12 Girl man having beautiful eyes
Bhadraalee 10 Girl beautiful female friend
Bhadraanga 10 Boy fair-limbed
Bhadraayu 9 Boy man having a happy life
Bhadrabaalaa 12 Girl beautiful young woman
Bhadradaa 9 Girl one who brings good fortune
Bhadrajeeta 11 Boy one who is victorious
Bhadraka 8 Boy handsome
Bhadrakaalee 12 Girl name of durga
Bhadrakaaya 11 Boy one with a beautiful body
Bhadraks 8 Boy one who brings good fortune
Bhadramallikaa 14 Girl beautiful jasmine
Bhadramukha 11 Boy one with a beautiful face
Bhadramukhee 12 Girl one with a beautiful face
Bhadrapaala 11 Boy good friend ready to give protection
Bhadrapaalita 13 Boy one who is guarded by a friend
Bhadraparnaa 12 Girl having beautiful leaves
Bhadrapriyaa 12 Girl beloved
Bhadrasheela 12 Boy one with a good character
Bhadrasheelaa 13 Girl one with a good character
Bhadrashravaa 13 Boy one who has beautiful ears
Bhadravatee 11 Girl gentle woman
Bhadrika 8 Girl handsome
Bhadrikaa 9 Girl woman with good fortune
Bhagahaa 8 Boy who destroys grandeur
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The Hindi Baby Names & Hindu Names & Indian Names names list has thousands of name meanings for you to choose from. If you want to know name according to your rasi (moon sign) or date of birth, use our Astrological Hindu baby name suggestion tool.

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