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Name for Nakshatra U.Shadha - Nakshatra Birth Star U.Shadha

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Bheshajam 9 Boy medicine
Bhogavati 9 Girl one who gives pleasure
Bhojanam 8 Boy that which is enjoyed, wealth
Bhojanam 8 Boy meals
Bhoktaa 7 Boy one who enjoys experiences
Bhoktaa 7 Boy who enjoys/endures/experiences
Bholanaatha 11 Boy name of shiva
Jaagruti 8 Girl awakening
Jaalandharaa 12 Girl a net, web
Jabeen 6 Girl forehead
Jag 3 Boy the universe
Jagadaadija 11 Boy one who is born first in the world
Jagadaadija 11 Boy one who is born first in this world
Jagadaguru 10 Boy teacher of the universe
Jagadamba 9 Girl mother of the universe
Jagadambaa 10 Girl mother of the world
Jagadbandhu 11 Boy lord krishna
Jagadeepa 9 Boy light of the world
Jagadeesha 10 Boy lord of the universe
Jagadhvitalshee 15 Boy one who does welfare for the universe
Jagadish 8 Boy lord of the universe
Jagajeeta 9 Boy conqueror of the world
Jagajeevana 11 Boy life of the world
Jaganmay 8 Boy lord vishnu
Jaganmohan 10 Boy one who attracts the world
Jagannaatha 11 Boy lord of the universe
Jagannaatha 11 Boy lord of the universe
Jaganu 6 Boy fire
Jagaritaa 9 Girl awakening
Jagat 5 Boy the universe
Jagata 6 Boy world
Jagatasetu 10 Boy like a bridge of the universe
Jagatee 7 Girl the earth
Jagjeevan 9 Boy worldly life
Jagmi 5 Boy wind
Jagriti 7 Girl vigilance
Jahan 5 Boy the world
Jahanara 8 Girl queen of the world
Jahnu 5 Boy one who kills; one who carries
Jaichand 8 Boy victory of the moon
Jaidayal 8 Boy victory of kindness
Jaidev 6 Boy victory of god
Jaideva 7 Boy god of victory
Jaigopal 8 Boy victory of lord krishna
Jaimini 7 Boy an ancient philosopher
Jainarayan 10 Boy victory
Jainendra 9 Boy conqueror of india
Jaipaala 8 Boy one who protects success
Jaipal 6 Boy lord brahma
Jairaj 6 Boy lord of victory
Jaisal 6 Boy famous folk hero and singer
Jaishree 8 Girl honour of victory
Jaisudha 8 Girl nector of victory
Jaisukh 7 Boy joy of winning
Jaiwant 7 Boy victory
Jaiwanti 8 Girl victory
Jal 3 Boy victory
Jalaadhi 8 Boy ocean
Jalaarka 8 Boy the image of the sun reflected in water
Jalaarnava 10 Boy rainy season
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