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Name for Nakshatra Ashwini - Nakshatra Birth Star Ashwini

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Chaitali 8 Girl born in the month of chaitra
Chaitan 7 Girl consciousness
Chaitanya 9 Boy the name of a saint; consciousness
Chaitanya 9 Boy life, knowledga
Chaitra 7 Boy sixth month of vikrama samvat and first of shaalivaahana year
Chaitree 8 Girl sixth month of vikrama samvat and first of shaalivaahana year
Chelakee 8 Girl nickname (little girl)
Cheshtaa 8 Girl joke
Chetan 6 Boy consciousness
Chetana 7 Boy consciousness
Chetana 7 Boy supreme soul
Chetanaananda 13 Boy supreme joy
Chetanna 8 Girl wisdom
Chetas 6 Boy the mind
Chetohaaree 11 Boy attractive
Chogan 6 Boy Blackbird
Chokkan 7 Boy Name Of Lord Shiva
Cholai 6 Girl Grove
Cholan 6 Boy A South Indian Dynasty
Cholanmagal 11 Girl Daughter Of King Cholan
Cholena 7 Girl Bird
Chorei 6 Boy Transparent Spirituality
Chosui 6 Boy Purifying Water
Chudaamani 10 Boy crest jewel
Chutki 6 Girl Little One
Laabha 6 Boy profit
Laajawanti 10 Girl one who is modest and bashful
Laalasaa 8 Girl ardent desire
Laavanyamayi 12 Girl one endowed with beauti and charm
Laavanyaprabhaa 15 Girl light of beauti
Labangalata 11 Girl a flowering creeper
Laboni 6 Girl grace
Lagan 5 Boy appropriate time
Laghimaa 8 Girl lightness
Lajja 5 Girl modesty
Lajjaa 6 Girl bashfulness
Lajjaasheela 12 Girl a modest woman
Lajjawati 9 Girl a sensitive plant; modest woman
Lajjeetaa 9 Girl a bashful woman
Laksha 6 Girl white rose
Lakshana 8 Girl duryodhana's daughteer; one with auspicious signs on her
Lakshana 8 Girl symbol
Lakshitaa 9 Girl noticeable
Lakshman 8 Boy younger brother of ram
Lakshmana 9 Boy prosperous
Lakshmee 8 Girl goddess of beauti and prosperity
Lakshmee 8 Girl beauty; lustre
Lakshmeevaan 12 Boy endowed with wealth
Lakshmi 7 Girl goddess of wealth
Lakshmibanta 12 Boy fortunate
Lakshmidhar 11 Boy lord vishnu
Lakshmigopal 12 Boy lord vishnu
Lakshmikanta 12 Boy lord vishnu
Lakshmishree 12 Girl fortunate appearance
Lalaataaksha 12 Boy having an eye on the forehead
Lalan 5 Girl nurturing
Lalana 6 Girl a beautiful woman
Lalanaa 7 Girl a woman
Lalanikaa 9 Girl caress
Lalataksha 10 Boy lord shiva
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