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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter S

Name Length Meaning
Saadhu 6 'saatvika' man
Saadhu Saadhya 14 easy for devotees to attain
Saadhuraama 11 noble, virtuous
Saagara 7 ocean
Saakara 7 sugar
Saakshee 8 a seer who can see beyond
Saaksheehyakartaa 17 being a witness to all he himself does not do everything
Saama 5 always same / 'saama' veda
Saamaga 7 knows 'saama' veda
Saamagaayana 12 one who sings 'saama' hymns
Saamageyapriya 14 one who loves to be appeased
Saanuraaga 10 having love
Saara 5 essence
Saara Samplava 14 instrumental to take out the meaning, essence of understanding
Saarana 7 causing to go or flow
Saaranga 8 the spotted deer
Saarangapaani 13 one who holds a bow
Saarangpaani 12 one who holds a deer
Saarasaa 8 belonging to a lake (the swan)
Saaraswata 10 learned
Saaro Maanadhana 16 essence of all and respect is whose wealth
Saatvatanpati 13 lord of saatvataa's - those who were born in 'dashaarha' family are also called saatvataa
Saatvika 8 endowed with the quality of sattva i.e. goodness
Saatvika 8 possessed of 'sattva' quality
Saatvikaa 9 possessed of 'sathva' quality which include calm, peaceful, truthful, honest, virtuous, strong, vigorous
Sabhooti 8 divine, superhuman
Sacchidananda 13 total bliss
Sachchidaananda 15 joy of the supreme spirit
Sachet 6 consciousness
Sachetan 8 animated
Sachetana 9 rational
Sachi 5 a friend
Sachin 6 lord indira
Sachit 6 consciousness
Sadaachaaree 12 one who always acts truthfully
Sadaagati 9 always moving
Sadaamarshee 12 always tolerant
Sadaanana 9 one having six faces
Sadaananda 10 ever joyous
Sadaashiva 10 always involved in doing welfare
Sadaayogee 10 always a yogee
Sadananda 9 eternal bliss
Sadashiva 9 eternally pure
Sadeepan 8 lighted up
Sadgati 7 takes the right path
Sadgati 7 emancipated
Sadiq 5 kingly
Sadsanmaya 10 form of truth and non-truth
Sadyogee 8 best yogee
Sadyoni 7 cause of all
Saeed 5 priestly
Sagana 6 together with the groups
Sagar 5 ocean
Sagun 5 possessed of good qualities
Saguna 6 virtuous
Saguna 6 possessed of virtuous qualities
Saha 4 one who tolerates
Sahaj 5 natural
Sahajaananda 12 natural joy
Sahas 5 bravery
Sahasraaksha 12 thousand-eyed
Sahasraakshu 12 with thousand eyes
Sahasraamshu 12 the sun
Sahasraanshu 12 with thousand rays
Sahasraarchi 12 with thousand rays
Sahasrabaahu 12 a thousand-armed
Sahasrajita 11 one who has conquered thousands of enemies
Sahasramoordhhaa 16 with thousand hands
Sahasrapaat 11 with thousand feet
Sahastraarchi 13 with thousand rays
Sahastrabaahu 13 with thousand hands
Sahastrajit 11 who has won victory over thousands
Sahastrajit 11 victory of thousands
Sahastramoordhaa 16 with thousand heads
Sahdev 6 one of the pandava princes
Sahib 5 the lord
Sahil 5 guide
Sahishnu 8 who tolerates everything
Saimyama 8 restraint
Sainath 7 saibaba
Saiprasad 9 blessing of saibaba
Saipratap 9 power of saibaba
Sajal 5 moist
Sajan 5 beloved
Sajjaati 8 creator of best races
Sajjana 7 virtuous
Sakaama 7 with love
Sakala 6 complete, full
Sakalaadhaara 13 support of all
Sakalaagamapaaraga 18 expert in vedas
Saket 5 lord krishna
Sakha 5 friend
Sakree 6 an elephant; a mountain; a cloud
Salarjung 9 beautiful
Saleem 6 healthy; simple
Salil 5 water
Salila 6 water
Salim 5 happy; peaceful
Salman 6 high
Salonavaira 11 handsome
Samaa 5 equal, same
Samaa 5 year
Samaadhivedya 13 one who can be known through deep meditation, trance
Samaana 7 same or one or iniform
Samaannaaya 11 similar to vedas
Samaatmaa 9 who is equal among all living beings
Samaavartta 11 who revolves this world
Samapada 8 wealth
Samar 5 war
Samaraa 7 war, battle
Samarath 8 powerful
Samarendra 10 lord vishnu
Samarendu 9 lord vishnu
Samarjit 8 lord vishnu
Samarjit 8 victorious in war
Samartha 8 able, powerful
Samavarta 9 who revolves the universe properly
Samayagna 9 who has knowledge of five 'kaals'
Sambaran 8 restraint; name of an ancient king
Sambhaavya 10 revered by all
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