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Name for Nakshatra U.Phalguni - Nakshatra Birth Star U.Phalguni

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Paanduraabha 12 Boy one with whitish lustre
Paanduranga 11 Boy pale white in complexion
Paapahaa 8 Boy one who destroys sins
Paapanaashana 13 Boy destroyer of sins
Paarampaara 11 Boy one who emancipates the soul from this mortal world
Paarijaata 10 Boy name of one of the five trees of paradise
Paarindra 9 Boy a lion
Paarshada 9 Boy a companion
Paarthava 9 Boy greatness
Paarthiva 9 Boy a king
Paarvatee 9 Girl daughter of the mountain
Paatali 7 Girl the trumpet flower
Paavaka 7 Boy pure, clear
Paavan 6 Boy purifier
Paavana 7 Boy holy, pure
Paavana 7 Boy sacred
Paavana 7 Boy sanctifying
Paavand 7 Boy pure, chaste
Paavanee 8 Girl sacred
Paavani 7 Girl pure, chaste
Paayala 7 Girl anklet
Padamakali 10 Girl lotus bud
Padamanuttamam 14 Boy having the highest status/position
Padapassana 11 Boy one who sits near the tree
Padma 5 Girl goddess lakshmi
Padmaa 6 Girl lotus
Padmaanana 10 Boy lotus-faced
Padmaanjali 11 Girl one whose hands are full of lotuses
Padmaasana 10 Boy one who resides in the hearts which are like lotuses
Padmaasanaa 11 Girl lakshmee seated on the lotus
Padmabhoota 11 Boy born of the lotus
Padmagarbha 11 Boy in whose lotus like heart brahma resides
Padmagarbha 11 Boy in the middle of the lotus
Padmaja 7 Boy born of the lotus
Padmajaa 8 Girl lakshmi
Padmakaanta 11 Boy beautiful like the lotus
Padmaksha 9 Boy lotus-eyed
Padmakshee 10 Girl lotus-eyed
Padmal 6 Girl lotus
Padmalataa 10 Girl a lotus creeper
Padmalaya 9 Girl lake of lotuses
Padmalochana 12 Girl lotuseyed
Padmalochana 12 Boy lotus-eyed
Padmalochanaa 13 Girl lotus-eyed
Padmalochini 12 Girl lotus-eyed
Padmamaalaa 11 Girl garland of lotus flowers
Padman 6 Boy lotus
Padmanaabha 11 Boy one who has a lotus in his navel
Padmanabha 10 Boy lord vishnu
Padmanibhekshana 16 Boy eyes like lotus
Padmaparaaga 12 Boy pollen of the lotus
Padmapati 9 Boy lord vishnu
Padmapatraa 11 Girl lakshmi
Padmaprasanna 13 Boy pleased by the lotus
Padmaprasannaa 14 Girl pleased by the lotus
Padmapriya 10 Boy beloved of the lotus
Padmapriyaa 11 Girl beloved of the lotus
Padmaraaga 10 Girl queen of the lotus
Padmarekhaa 11 Girl a small portion of lotus
Padmarupaa 10 Girl one who has lotus-like beauty
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