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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter C

Name Length Meaning
Chaalaka 8 one who drives
Chaanaaksha 11 clever
Chaanda 7 mmon
Chaanooraandhranishoodana 25 one who killed a wrestler by name of 'chaanwoor' i.e. shri krishna
Chaaruchandra 13 beautiful moon
Chaaruhaasa 11 one who has a beautiful smile
Chaarvanga 10 one with beautiful body
Chaitanya 9 the name of a saint; consciousness
Chaitanya 9 life, knowledga
Chaitra 7 sixth month of vikrama samvat and first of shaalivaahana year
Chakor 6 a bird enamoured of the moon
Chakora 7 alert
Chakradhaaree 13 vishnu
Chakradhar 10 lord vishnu
Chakradhara 11 one who wields the disc
Chakragadaadhara 16 who holds 'chakra' i.e. sharp circular missile and mace
Chakrakee 9 potter
Chakrapaalita 13 protector of the disc
Chakravarti 11 a sovereign
Chakree 7 a niversal monarch, vishnu, krishna
Chakree 7 supreme being, wind
Chakshu 7 an eye
Chakshu 7 eye
Chakshusha 10 related to eyes
Chamaasa 8 a vessel used at sacrifices for drinking the soma juice
Chaman 6 garden
Chaman 6 garden
Chanchal 8 restlessness; quick
Chanda 6 dreadful, angry
Chandaamshu 11 the sun
Chandak 7 the moon
Chandan 7 sandalwood
Chandanaangadee 15 one whose body's parts are adorned with sandalwood paste
Chandodeva 10 the moon
Chandra 7 glittering
Chandra 7 moon
Chandraagad 11 shiva
Chandraamshu 12 moonbeam
Chandraannana 13 round faced
Chandraanshu 12 having a cool lustre of moon
Chandraayana 12 the path of the moon
Chandrabha 10 lustre of moonlight
Chandrabhaala 13 one who wears the moon on his forehead
Chandrabhan 11 the moon
Chandrabhushan 14 lord shiva
Chandrabimba 12 reflection of the moon
Chandrachur 11 lord shiva
Chandradatta 12 gift of the moon
Chandragaura 12 fair like the moon
Chandragupta 12 protected by the moon, founder of the gupta dynasty
Chandrahaasa 12 bow of shiva
Chandraka 9 the feather of peacock
Chandrakanta 12 the moon
Chandrakeshwara 15 shiva
Chandraketu 11 son of lakshmana
Chandraki 9 peacock
Chandrakirana 13 moonbeam
Chandrakirtee 13 glory
Chandrakirti 12 one whose fame is like the soft rays of the moon
Chandrakishore 14 the moon
Chandrakumar 12 the moon
Chandrama 9 the moon
Chandramadhava 14 sweet
Chandramohana 13 attractive like the moon
Chandramoulee 13 who has moon on head
Chandramukha 12 a moonfaced person
Chandran 8 the moon
Chandranath 11 the moon
Chandrapeeda 12 who has moon as crown
Chandraprakasha 15 moonlight
Chandraraj 10 the moonbeam
Chandrasanjeevana 17 giving life to moon
Chandrashekhara 15 one who holds the moon in his shekhara (hair knot)
Chandresha 10 king of the moon
Chandrika 9 moonlight
Chandrila 9 another name of shiva
Chant 5 lover
Chapala 7 active
Charaachara 11 animate and inanimate i.e. whole world
Charaacharagra 14 who knows animate and inanimate i.e. the universe
Charanjeet 10 one who has won over the lord
Charuchandra 12 beautiful
Charuchitra 11 beautiful picture
Charudatta 10 born of beauti
Charuvishalya 13 beautiful and without pain
Chaturaschaturapriya 20 who likes clever, smart
Chaturastra 11 resides in four places
Chaturbaabu 11 has four arms
Chaturbaahu 11 with four arms
Chaturbhaava 12 your dispositions of mind
Chaturbhaava 12 four different emotions
Chaturbhuj 10 lord vishnu
Chaturbhuja 11 one with four hands
Chaturbhuja 11 has four hands
Chaturdrashtra 14 has four molar teeth
Chaturgati 10 the supreme soul, a tortoise
Chaturmoorti 12 four different forms
Chaturmukha 11 with four faces
Chaturmukha 11 one with four faces
Chaturveda 10 like four vedas
Chaturvedavit 13 knows the four vedas
Chaturvyooha 12 god in form of four 'vyoohas'
Chaturvyuha 11 one who personifies four arrays: vasudeva, dankarshana, pradyumna and aniruddha (vyuha a military array)
Chatushpatha 12 who is like four roads, such as religion, wealth, desires and emancipation
Chetan 6 consciousness
Chetana 7 consciousness
Chetana 7 supreme soul
Chetanaananda 13 supreme joy
Chetas 6 the mind
Chetohaaree 11 attractive
Chhandak 8 the charioteer of lord buddha
Chhayaanka 10 moon
Chhela 6 a dandy
Chhinasanshaya 14 whose doubts have been removed
Chhinasanshaya 14 free from doubt
Chidaabhaasa 12 the individual soul
Chidaakaasha 12 universal soul
Chidaananda 11 supreme joy
Chidaatmaa 10 supreme spirit
Chidambara 10 one whose heart is as vast as the sky
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