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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter I

Name Length Meaning
Ibhi 4 an elephant
Idaa 4 speech, earth
Idaavidaa 9 a scholar in speech
Iha 3 the earth
Ihaa 4 wish, desire
Ihina 5 enthusiasm
Ijyaa 5 sacrifice
Ikshaa 6 sight
Ikshikaa 8 a glance
Ikshitaa 8 what is seen
Ikshu 5 sugercane
Ikshulaa 8 name of a river
Ikshumaalinee 13 a florist
Ikshumatee 10 one who possesses sugercane
Ila 3 wife of the sage manu; the earth; water
Ilaa 4 praise
Ileshaa 7 lord of the earth
Ilikaa 6 earth
Illika 6 little earth
Ina 3 mother
Inayat 6 kindness
Indaalee 8 to become powerful
Indira 6 goddess lakshmi
Indraakshee 11 beautiful-eyed
Indraanee 9 wife of indra
Indrabaalaa 11 daughter of indra
Indrabhattaarika 16 venerable
Indrani 7 wife if lord indra
Indrasena 9 daughter of king nala
Indrayani 9 the name of a secred river
Induja 6 narmada river
Indujaa 7 daughter of the moon
Indukaanta 10 like the moon
Indulekha 9 the moon
Indumatee 9 full moon
Indumati 8 the full moon
Ipsa 4 desire
Ipsita 6 desired
Ira 3 earth; muse
Iraa 4 the earth
Iravati 7 the river ravi
Irikaa 6 little earth
Irshikaa 8 a painter's brush
Isha 4 one who protects
Ishaanee 8 durgaa
Ishana 6 rich
Ishani 6 parvati, wife of lord shiva
Ishika 6 paint brush
Ishita 6 mastery; wealth
Ishitaa 7 greatness
Ishwarakaanta 13 name of durgaa
Ishwari 7 goddess
Ispit 5 desire
Ivy 3 a creeper
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