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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter H

Name Length Meaning
Haalaa 6 wine
Haaraavali 10 garland of pearls
Haardikaa 9 afectionate
Habiba 6 beloved
Hafiza 6 protected
Haimanti 8 born in the season of hemanta
Haimavati 9 parvati, lord shiva's wife
Hamsanandinee 13 with slender waist
Hanimaa 7 a wave
Hansa 5 swan
Hansi 5 swan
Hansika 7 swan
Hansikaa 8 little swan
Hansini 7 swan
Harabaalaa 10 daughter of hara
Haradevee 9 paravatee
Haradini 8 autumn
Haribaalaa 10 daughter of hari
Harimani 8 jewel
Harinaakshee 12 doe-eyed
Harinakshi 10 doe-eyed
Harini 6 deer
Harini/Harinee 15 doe
Haripriya 9 consort of lord vishnu; lakshmi
Haripriyaa 10 beloved of hari
Harita 6 green
Harsha 6 happiness
Harshaa 7 joy, deligh
Harshadaa/Harshidaa 20 giver of pleasure
Harshanaa 9 one who causes delight
Harshaveena 11 a musical instrument
Harshaveena 11 a musical instrument
Harshinee 9 a woman in joyful mood
Harshini 8 pleasant
Harshini 8 joyous
Harshita 8 beautiful
Harshumatee 11 one filled with joy
Hasikaa 7 laughter
Hastinee 8 elephant
Hasumatee 9 one having a smile face
Hasumati 8 happy
Heena 5 a fragrance
Heera 5 diamond
Heeralakshmee 13 beautiful as a diamond
Hema 4 golden
Hemaa 5 golden
Hemaangee 9 one having a shining body
Hemaketaki 10 the ketaki plant
Hemalataa 9 golden creeper
Hemamaalini 11 garland of gold
Hemantee 8 one who shines like gold
Hemanti 7 relating to the hemanta season
Hemanti 7 early winter
Hemavarnaa 10 golden complexioned
Hemavatee 9 bright as gold
Hemavati 8 golden parvati
Hemila 6 golden flower
Hemlata 7 golden creeper
Hena 4 a flower
Hetal 5 friendly
Hima 4 snow
Hima 4 a mass of snow
Himajaa 7 born of paarvatee
Himani 6 snow
Himasutaa 9 daughter of the snows
Hina 4 henna
Hindola 7 a raga
Hiral 5 lustrous
Hiranmayee 10 golden
Hiranmayi 9 golden
Hiranyadaa 10 giver of wealth
Hirkani 7 small diamond
Hitaarthee 10 one who does good to others
Hiya 4 heart
Holikaa 7 sister of hiranyakashyapa (a festival)
Hoor 4 a calestial beauti
Hree 4 to blush with modesty
Hridayasudha 12 necter of the heart
Hridayeshaa 11 lord of the heart
Husna 5 beautiful
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