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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter L

Name Length Meaning
Laabha 6 profit
Lagan 5 appropriate time
Lakshman 8 younger brother of ram
Lakshmana 9 prosperous
Lakshmeevaan 12 endowed with wealth
Lakshmibanta 12 fortunate
Lakshmidhar 11 lord vishnu
Lakshmigopal 12 lord vishnu
Lakshmikanta 12 lord vishnu
Lalaataaksha 12 having an eye on the forehead
Lalataksha 10 lord shiva
Lalit 5 beautiful
Lalita 6 playful
Lalita 6 attractive, beautiful
Lalitaaditya 12 beautiful sun
Lalitaanga 10 one with a beautiful body
Lalitachandra 13 beautiful moon
Lalitamohana 12 beautiful and attractive
Lalitkishore 12 beautiful
Lalitkumar 10 beautiful
Lalitmohan 10 beautiful
Lambodar 8 lord ganesha
Lankaadhipa 11 lord of lankaa
Lankesh 7 ravana
Lataakara 9 a mass of creepers
Latafat 7 elegance
Latif 5 elegant
Lav 3 son of lord rama
Lavanaa 7 lustre, beauti
Leelaadhara 11 name of vishnu
Lingaadhyaksha 14 presiding over phalus, which is an idol of shiva
Lohitaaksha 11 one with red eyes
Lohitaamaatanoonpaat 20 like fire
Lohitaksha 10 lord vishnu
Lokaadheesha 12 lord of the world
Lokaadhipa 10 lord of the world
Lokaadhishthaanam 17 support of all the people
Lokaadhyaksha 13 presiding over all the worlds/peoples
Lokabandhu 10 friends of all the worlds
Lokabandhu 10 friend of human race, people
Lokachaaree 11 one who moves about in all three worlds
Lokagudha 9 hidden in the world
Lokakartaa 10 creator of different divisions of the universe
Lokalaavanayakartaa 19 giving beauty to people
Lokanaatha 10 master of 'loka' i.e.different divisions of the universe
Lokanaatha 10 lord of all the worlds
Lokanaatha 10 lord of the world
Lokapaala 9 protector of the universe
Lokapati 8 lord of the world
Lokasaaranga 12 one who absorbs the meaning of all the worlds
Lokatrayaashraya 16 supporting three worlds
Lokattaraskutaaloka 19 whose brilliance is unbearable to people
Lokattarasukhaalaya 19 abode of best happiness
Lokavarnottama 14 best among all the people of all castes
Lokaveeraagranee 16 a leading hero of the world
Lokesh 6 lord brahma
Lokesha 7 lord of the world
Lokkalpadhruk 13 one who holds the world
Lokkara 7 the creator of different divisions (lokasas) of the universe
Loknath 7 lord vishnu
Lokranjan 9 lord vishnu
Lomaharshana 12 one who thrills
Luay 4 Proper Name
Lucky 5 Shubh
Luhit 5 Name Of A River
Lukesh 6 King Of The Empire
Lukesha 7 King Of The Empire
Luqmaan 7 A Prophet's Name
Lutfi 5 Kind And Friendly
Luv 3 Son Of Lord Rama
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