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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter S

Name Length Meaning
Sambhav 7 born; manifested
Sambhava 8 evenly moving wind
Sambit 6 consciousness
Sambuddha 9 wisw
Sameehana 9 wishful, with wishes
Sameen 6 valuable
Sameer 6 breeze
Samendra 8 winner of war
Samichi 7 going with; right
Samir 5 breeze
Samira 6 wind
Samitijaya 10 one who gets victory in assembly or battle
Sammardana 10 rubbing together
Sammita 7 one who is encircled equally
Sampat 6 prosperous
Sampati 7 wealth
Sampramardana 13 able to suppress well
Sampurna 8 whole, entire
Sampurnaananda 14 fullest joy
Samraata 8 emperor
Samudra 7 ocean
Samudrasen 10 lord of the ocean
Samundragupta 13 a famous gupta king
Samvardhana 11 to grow
Samvatsara 10 year
Samvatsarakara 14 maker of year or time
Samyak 6 enough
Samyamita 9 bound
Samyata 7 restrained
Sanaat 6 eternal
Sanaatana 9 constant, firm
Sanaatana 9 eternal
Sanaatanatama 13 eternal
Sanabhi 7 related
Sanam 5 beloved
Sanat 5 lord brahma
Sanatan 7 eternal
Sanchaari 9 one who roams
Sanchay 7 collection
Sanchit 7 collected
Sandeepa 8 a lighted lamp
Sandeepan 9 a sage
Sandeepana 10 kindling, inflaming
Sandhaataa 10 one who unites
Sandhimaan 10 soul which is united
Sandip 6 beautiful
Sandipani 9 kindling, inflaming
Sangati 7 union, company
Sanghabhuti 11 collection of wealth
Sangharakhsita 14 protected by a group
Sangraama 9 battle
Sangraha 8 one who stores what is necessary to restart the world after its destruction / collection
Sangrahee 9 one who receives kindly
Sanjay 6 dhritarashtra's charioteer
Sanjiv 6 love; life
Sanjivan 8 imortality
Sankaarshan 11 a name of balaram, brother of lord krisshna
Sankalpa 8 will, volition; intention, purpose
Sankalpa 8 resolve
Sankarshanochyuta 17 totally and simultaneously attracts
Sanket 6 signal
Sanketa 7 a sign, gesture
Sankirtanas 11 glorification
Sanksheptaa 11 abridged, short
Sanmitra 8 a very good friend
Sannidhi 8 proximity
Sannivaasa 10 one who resides in the heart of devotees who follow truth
Sanobar 7 palm tree
Sansaarachakrabhoota 20 holding a 'chakra' which is the universe
Sansthaana 10 the soul which has forms and organs
Sansyaasakruta 14 one who liberates from all worthy attachments
Santa 5 one who has element of 'sat' , truth
Santosh 7 contentment
Sanvatsara 10 a year - the time earth takes to revolve around sun - one with which season starts
Sanvruta 8 covered
Sanwaria 8 lord krishna
Sanyog 6 coincidence
Sapan 5 dream
Sapanaa 7 dream
Saphala 7 fruitful
Saptaavara Muneeshwara 22 god of seven sages and others
Saptaidhaa 10 one who consumes seven elements in order to unite with divine soul
Saptajihya 10 one with seven tongues, i.e. with fire
Saptarshi 9 seven sages; the seven stars in heaven
Saptavaahana 12 one who has a vehicle of sun with seven horses
Saquib 6 bright
Saral 5 straight
Saras 5 a bird; a lake
Sarasija 8 lotus
Sarat 5 a sage
Sarbajit 8 one who has conquered everything
Sarfaraz 8 head held high
Sarga 5 universe which is his creation
Sarga 5 the universe
Sartaj 6 crown
Sarthak 7 well done
Sarup 5 beautiful
Sarva 5 whole, entire
Sarva 5 one who includes everything / everyone
Sarva 5 one who can take all forms
Sarva Bandha Vimochana 22 one who gets a person out of all the bondages
Sarvaachaarya Manogati 22 one who moves as knowledge in the minds of teachers
Sarvaadi 8 ahead of all
Sarvaadi 8 fundamental cause of all
Sarvaasunilaya 14 residence of all soul
Sarvaavaasa 11 one who resides everywhere
Sarvaavasu 10 wealth, riches
Sarvaayudhavishaarada 21 one who knows use of all weapons
Sarvabhoota Maheshwara 22 great god of all
Sarvadaman 10 son of shakuntala (bharat)
Sarvadaman 10 one who has subduess everybody
Sarvadamana 11 literally, one who subdues everyone
Sarvadarshana 13 one who sees everything
Sarvadarshee 12 one who sees all
Sarvadevottamottama 19 very best among all gods
Sarvadrugvyaasa 15 seeing everyone clearly
Sarvadruk 9 one who observes all
Sarvadrukasinha 15 like a lion who watches all
Sarvaga 7 the supreme being or one who pervades every-where
Sarvaga 7 one who can go everywhere
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