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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter V

Name Length Meaning
Viranchee 9 brahman or like brahmaa
Virata 6 devoid of attachment
Virendra 8 brave lord
Viresh 6 brave lord
Virochana 9 one who creats special liking
Virochana 9 the moon, fire
Virochana 9 brilliant, lustrous
Viroopa 7 one with special form
Virropaaksha 12 with ill looking, ugly eyes
Vishaakha 9 like kartikeya
Vishaala 8 broad, great
Vishaalaaksha 13 large-eyed
Vishaalaaksha 13 with big eyes
Vishaarada 10 a scholar
Vishal 6 immense
Vishama 7 hard to understand / very strong
Vishamaaksha 12 one with uneven eyes
Vishanpati 10 lord of the universe
Vishesh 7 special
Vishishta 9 one who is special
Vishishta 9 best
Vishnu 6 all pervasive god
Vishnu 6 root, to pervade
Vishnu 6 lord vishnu
Vishnu Prajaapaala 18 like vishnu who is a protector of people
Vishnukandharapaatana 21 one could bend the neck of vishnu
Vishodhana 10 one who finds the soul of the self
Vishoka 7 without sorrow
Vishoka 7 without sorrow, grief
Vishraama 9 rest
Vishraama 9 rest
Vishram 7 rest
Vishrutaatmaa 13 whose fame is spread in extraordinary way
Vishtarashravaa 15 like vishnu
Vishuddhaatmaa 14 pure soul
Vishva 6 the earth; universe
Vishvaksena 11 no army can overcome him
Vishvam 7 universal
Vishwaamitra 12 a friend of all
Vishwaasa 9 faith, trust
Vishwaatmaa 11 soul of the universe
Vishwaavaasa 12 residing in entire universe
Vishwabaahu 11 helps support the universe
Vishwabhartaa 13 supporter of universe
Vishwabhojana 13 eating away the world at the time of 'pralaya'
Vishwabhuk 10 who enjoys the universe
Vishwadakshina 14 expert of the universe
Vishwadeepti 12 light of the universe
Vishwadhruk 11 who holds the universe
Vishwagaalava 13 like gaalava sage in the world who was the pupil of viswaamitra
Vishwagarbha 12 in whom entire universe resides
Vishwagoptaa 12 supporting the universe
Vishwakarmaa 12 expert in the creation of universe
Vishwakarmaa 12 architect of the universe
Vishwakartaa 12 creator of the universe
Vishwam 7 universe
Vishwambara 11 the supreme spirit
Vishwambhar 11 the lord
Vishwambhareshwara 18 one who protects, supports the universe
Vishwamitra 11 friend of the world
Vishwamitra 11 a sage
Vishwamoorti 12 one in form of universe
Vishwamoorti 12 embodiment of the universe
Vishwampa 9 one who protects the world
Vishwanath 10 the lord
Vishwarupa 10 omnipresent
Vishwasaha 10 creator of the universe
Vishwata Sanvruta 17 prevailing everywhere
Vishwavaahana 13 one who runs the world
Vishwavibhushana 16 like an ornament of the universe
Vishwayoni 10 place from where universe was born
Vishwesh 8 the lord almighty
Vishwesha 9 lord of the universe
Vishweshwar 11 the lord
Vishwotpatti 12 creator of the universe
Vismay 6 surprise
Vistaara 8 pervasive, expansion
Viswam 6 universe
Viswas 6 trust
Vithala, Vitthal 17 lord vishnu
Vivaswat 8 the sun
Vivek 5 right judgement; cconscience
Viveka 6 judgement
Vivekaananda 12 joy of discrimination
Vivekananda 11 joy of discrimination
Vivikta 7 resides in solitude
Vivitsu 7 one who wishes to know
Viyati 6 a bird
Viyogaatma 10 one who can be known by special yoga
Vrajakishore 12 lord krishna
Vrajesh 7 lord krishna
Vrajmohan 9 lord krishna
Vrajnandan 10 lord krishna
Vrishin 7 peacock
Vruddhaatmaa 12 most ancient soul
Vruksha 7 one who showers, rain, light, pleasure etc.
Vrusha Vaahana 14 one who sits on bull or one who has bull as transport
Vrushaakapi 11 an epithet of vishnu
Vrushaakruti 12 who is actual form of 'dharma'
Vrushaanka 10 with the sign of bull
Vrushabha 9 anything best or eminent of its class
Vrushabhaaksha 14 one with righteous approach
Vrushado Vrushavardhana 23 one who gives virtues and propagates virtues
Vrushaparvaa 12 who is like steps of 'dharma'
Vrushapriya 11 who loves to be rightesous
Vrushkarmaa 11 whose deeds are like 'dharma'
Vyaadisha 9 who gives special orders - regulates universe
Vyaaghralochana 15 having eyes like a tiger
Vyaahgra Charmaambara 21 one who wears tiger's skin
Vyaala 6 a king
Vyaalaakalpa 12 one who has ornaments of snakes
Vyaalee 7 one who holds snakes
Vyaapee 7 all pervading
Vyaapti 7 one who ressides everywhere
Vyaasmoorti 11 like sage vyaasa
Vyadhoraska 11 with broad chest
Vyagra 6 busy, worried
Vyaktaroopa 11 visible
Vyanganaashana 14 destroyer of deformity
Vyasa 5 the auther of mahabharata
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