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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter V

Name Length Meaning
Veerachoodaamani 16 shining among the heros like the jewel worn on the head
Veerahaa 8 one who destroys heros
Veereshwara 11 lord of heros
Veeryavaan Veeryakovida 23 heroic and clever at bravery
Veetabhaya 10 without fear
Veetabhaya 10 feerless
Veetaraaga 10 ascetic
Vegavaan 8 very speedy
Vegeeplaranas 13 going everywhere with speed
Veni 4 lord krishna
Venimadhav 10 lord krishna
Venu 4 a bomboo; a reed; a flute
Vetta 5 one who knows
Vhitrabhaahu 12 one having beautiful arms
Vibhaavan 9 discussion
Vibhaavasu 10 the sun, the moon
Vibhas 6 decoration; light
Vibhat 6 dawn
Vibhava 7 wealth, dignity
Vibhishan 9 a character from the epic ramayana
Vibhu 5 all-pervading
Vibhu 5 mighty, supreme
Vibhu 5 all pervasive
Vibhu 5 pervasive
Vibudhaagravarshrestha 22 better than the foremost gods
Vichkshana 10 one who has special knowledge
Vidaarana 9 destroyer
Vidhaataa 9 possessing several forms
Vidhatru 8 creator
Vidheyaatmaa 12 one who has control over soul, aatmaa
Vidhu 5 the moon
Vidhvattama 11 great scholar
Vidhwaana 9 scholar
Vidhwatthama 12 best among the learned
Vidisha 7 regulates directions and corners
Vidrunacchavi 13 shining like corel
Vidur 5 a friend of lord krishna
Vidura 6 wise
Vidyaacharana 13 learned
Vidyaadhara 11 a class of demi-gods or semi-divine beings
Vidyaaraashi 12 accumulation of all 'vidyas', knowledge
Vidyaaranya 11 forest of learning
Vidyadhar 9 learned
Vidyasagar 10 ocean of learning
Vidyosha 8 lord of knowledge
Vigaalaa 8 one who would emancipate
Vigatajwara 11 one who removes all fevers, pains, afflictions, grief
Vighnesh 8 lord ganesh
Vighneshwara 12 lord of obstacles
Vigneya 7 one who has special knowledge
Vihaayasagati 13 moving in the sky, bird
Vihanga 7 bird
Vijay 5 victor
Vijaya 6 victory
Vijaya 6 victor
Vijaya 6 victory
Vijendra, Vijayendra 21 victorious
Vijitaatmaa 11 victorious soul
Vijitaatmaa 11 one who has won the soul
Vikaasa 7 expanding; to shine
Vikartaa 8 one whose designs are wonderful, variegated, strange
Vikartana 9 the sun
Vikas 5 development
Vikesh 6 the moon
Vikram 6 bravery
Vikrama 7 the sun of valour
Vikrama 7 one who can overcome all
Vikramaarka 11 the sun of valour
Vikramaditya 12 a famous king
Vikramajit 10 a famous king
Vikramee 8 victor, great adventurer
Vikramendra 11 king of prowess
Vikramonnata 12 mightest of all
Vikranta 8 powerful
Vikranta 8 brave
Vikruta 7 one who performs special acts
Vikshara 8 devoid of annihilation
Vilaasa 7 graceful movement of play
Vilas 5 play
Vilochana 9 the eye
Vilok 5 to see
Vilokan 7 gaze
Vimal 5 pure
Vimala 6 pure
Vimala 6 pure
Vimalodaya 10 one who does welfare or one who purifies
Vimarsha 8 discussion, debate
Vimochana 9 one who releases devotees from their sins
Vimuktaatmaa 12 always free
Vinamra 7 bowing down
Vinay 5 modesty
Vinaya 6 good manners
Vinaya 6 one who follows rules
Vinayak 7 lord ganesh
Vinayitaasaakshee 17 witness to politeness
Vineet 6 unassuming
Vineetaatmaa 12 well educated soul
Vinesh 6 godly
Vinit 5 humble, meek
Vinod 5 pleasing
Vinoda 6 happy; full of joy
Vipalaanand 11 great joy
Vipana 6 sail, petty trade
Vipin 5 forest
Vipina 6 jungla, wood
Viplab 6 floating revolution
Viplava 7 drifting about
Vipra 5 a priest
Vipul 5 plenty
Vipula 6 large, great
Vir 3 brave
Viraaja 7 resplendent
Viraama 7 rest
Viraama 7 rest
Viraama 7 place for all to rest
Viraata 7 having giant proportions
Viraja 6 splendour
Virakta 7 free from worldly attachments
Viral 5 priceless
Virala 6 unobtainable, rare
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