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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter P

Name Length Meaning
Patakin 7 holder of a banner
Patanjali 9 famous yoga philosopher
Pathik 6 a traveller
Pathik 6 traveller
Pathin 6 traveller
Patralika 9 new leaves
Patu 4 intelligent, clever, skillful, ingenious, sagacious
Pauraana 8 sung by 'purnas' an ancient scripture
Pavak 5 fire
Pavan 5 breeze
Pavana 6 wind
Pavana 6 clean, pure
Pavani 6 hanuman
Pavitra 7 pure
Pavitram 8 sacred, holy
Payas 5 water
Payod 5 cloud
Peeyush 7 necter
Peshala 7 delicate
Phalaguma 9 producer of fruit
Phalaka 7 sky, heaven
Phalana 7 crop, fertilization
Phaneendra 10 king of the gods
Phani 5 serpant
Phaninaatha 11 lord of serpents
Phanindra 9 sesh; the divine snake
Phanishwara 11 king of serpents
Phenil 6 foamy
Phoolendu 9 full moon
Pinaakapaani 12 the bearer of bow named 'pinaaka'
Pinaakin 8 pinnak shiva's bow
Pinakee 7 one who holds 'pinaka' bow
Pinaki 6 lord shiva
Pingala 7 the tawny coloured
Pingalaaksha 12 one with tawny colour eyes
Pingalaaksha 12 one having brown eyes
Pingesha 8 one who shines
Pinnakapaani 12 one who holds the bow
Pirmohammed 11 the holy prophet
Pitaamaha 9 the paternal grandfather
Pitaambara 10 yellow-robed
Pitamber 8 lord vishnu
Pivara 6 stout, fat
Piyusha 7 milk
Poojan 6 worship
Poojit 6 worshipped
Poorayitaa 10 one who satisfies, completes
Poorayitaa 10 one who fulfils all wishes
Poorna 6 complete
Poorna 6 complete
Poorna 6 full, complete
Poornaananda 12 complete joy
Poornaayu 9 full of life
Poornachandra 13 full moon
Poornachandra 13 full moon
Poornajita 10 total victory
Poornendra 10 powerful indra
Poorvasha 9 lord of the east
Pooshan 7 one who nourishes
Pootaatmaa 10 sacred soul
Pootamoorti 11 sacred idol
Praalambha 10 taking hold of
Praana 6 life, vital air
Praana 6 life
Praanabhrut 11 supporter of life
Praanada 8 giver of life
Praananaatha 12 lord of life
Praananilaya 12 where spirit/soul resides
Praanshu 8 high, lofty/one of great stature
Praanshu 8 brilliant
Prabal 6 coral
Prabhaagachandra 16 part of the moon
Prabhaakara 11 brilliant, the sun
Prabhaanaatha 13 master of light
Prabhaanka 10 a mark of light
Prabhaash 9 a man of many words
Prabhaata 9 dawn
Prabhaava 9 that which existed before
Prabhaavi 9 to pass into the future
Prabhakar 9 the sun
Prabhanjana 11 one who breaks into pieces, or stormy wind
Prabhas 7 lustrous
Prabhat 7 morning
Prabhav 7 effect
Prabhava 8 one who creats, originates everything
Prabhava 8 lord from whom everything emanates
Prabhoota 9 lord who takes birth in highest way
Prabhu 6 lord
Prabhudatta 11 given by the god
Prabira/Pravira 16 hero, brave one
Prabodh 7 consolation
Prabodha 8 sound advice
Prabodhana 10 knowledge
Prabuddha 9 very intelligent
Prabuddha 9 awakened
Prachetas 9 chetas sense, mind, reasoning faculty
Prachetas 9 energy
Prachur 7 abundant
Pradeep 7 lamp
Pradeepa 8 to shine
Pradhaana Prabhu 16 highest god
Pradosh 7 dusk
Pradumna 8 cupid
Pradyot 7 lustre
Pradyota 8 exceedingly bright
Pradyumna 9 man of knowledge; son of krishna
Pradyun 7 radiant
Praful 6 blooming
Prafulla 8 blooming
Pragnyakara 11 one who is very intelligent
Pragraha 8 accepting firmly and with sentiments
Pragun 6 straight; honest
Prahlaada 9 excess of joy
Prahlad 7 joy
Prajaabhava 11 through whom entire progeny is created
Prajaapah 9 very first creator of all life/animals
Prajagara 9 who is always awake, alert
Prajeet 7 victorious
Prajesh 7 lord brahma
Prajesha 8 lord of the people
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