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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter N

Name Length Meaning
Neeraf 6 river
Neeraj 6 lotus; pearl
Neerava 7 without sound
Neeteepa 8 one who protects law
Neetisha 8 one versed in law, rules
Netaa 5 leader
Neya 4 one who is led
Nibodh 6 knowledge
Nidaadhastapana 15 like autumn season
Nidhi 5 the ocean, one endowed with good qualities
Nidhiravyaya 12 storage which cannot be reduced
Nidhisha 8 lord of treasure
Nidhishwara 11 lord of the treasure
Nigam 5 treasure
Nighna 6 dependent on
Nigraha 7 independent
Nihal 5 gratified
Nihar 5 dew
Niket 5 home
Niketa 6 house, habitation
Niketana 8 a mansion
Nikhat 6 fragrance
Nikhil 6 entire
Nikhila 7 complete, whole
Nikhilesh 9 lord of all
Nikunja 7 grove of trees
Nilay 5 home
Nilaya 6 heaven
Nimai 5 chaitanya
Nimi 4 wink
Nimish 6 split-second
Ninaada 7 gentle murmur of water
Ninaada 7 sound, noise
Ninad 5 sound
Nipa 4 kadamba tree
Nipun 5 expert
Nipuna 6 knowledgeable
Niraad 6 given by water
Niraakaara 10 without disease
Niraatanka 10 without disease
Nirad 5 cloud
Nirahankaara 12 without arrogance
Nirajit 7 illuminated
Niramaya 8 without blemish
Niranjan 8 unblemished lord shiva
Niranjana 9 simple
Nirankusha 10 one who does not have any control over him
Nirantara 9 perpetual, constant
Nirav 5 quiet
Niravadyamaayopaaya 19 one who can be obtained by harmless means
Niravarananirvaara 18 devoid of any sentimental bondages
Nirbhay 7 fearless
Nirguna 7 supreme spirit
Nirjhar 7 waterfall
Nirleponishprapanchaatmaa 25 one who remains detached from the worldly life
Nirmal 6 pure
Nirmala 7 pure
Nirmalakumara 13 clean boy
Nirmalaya 9 flower offered to gods
Nirmalendu 10 clear moon
Nirmama 7 detached
Nirmit 6 created
Nirmoha 7 detached, without troubles
Nirmohi 7 unattached
Nirupam 7 without comparison
Niruthaatmaa 12 free from bondage
Nirvaana 8 final liberation
Nirvaanam 9 emancipation, liberation
Nirvan 6 liberation
Nirvyaarjo Vyaajaamardana 25 one who is without any fraud, deceit and one who is a destroyer of frauds
Nirvyanga 9 without deformity
Nischal 7 calm
Nischala 8 steady
Nishaachara 11 one who moves about at night
Nishaada 8 seventh note on the indian musical scale
Nishaakaanta 12 lord of the night, moon
Nishad 6 seventh note of the octave
Nishanath 9 moon
Nishant 7 dawn
Nishatha 8 polished, bright
Nishchinta 10 free from anxiety
Nishesh 7 entire
Nishikaanta 11 lord of the night, moon
Nishikanta 10 the moon
Nishita 7 sharp
Nishita 7 midnight
Nishith 7 night
Nishka 6 ornament
Nishkaama 9 one without desire
Nishkalanka 11 spotless
Nishkantaka 11 without enemy
Nishok 6 happy
Nishreyasaan Patha 18 like blessed, blissful path
Nissim 6 unbounded
Niteesha 8 lord of the rule of law
Nitin 5 master of the right path
Nitish 6 master of the right path
Nitya 5 permanent
Nityaananda 11 perennially happy
Nityagopal 10 lord krishna
Nityananda 10 lord krisshna; always happy
Nityaoriya 10 everpleasing
Nityashaantiparaayana 21 always being peaceful
Nityasundera 12 eternally beautiful
Nivraanshu 10 rays of the moon
Nivrutti 8 separation from the world
Niyama 6 one who keeps within rules
Niyantaa 8 one who regulates
Niyat Kalyaana 14 constantly doing welfare
Niyataatmaa 11 one with eternal form
Nooh 4 A Prophet's Name
Noori 5 Shining
Nripa 5 king
Nripendra 9 king of kings
Nripesh 7 king of kings
Nrupendra 9 king of kings
Nrutyapriyo Nityanrutya 23 one who always likes to dance
Numan 5 blood
Nushanth 8 Horizon
Nuvesh 6 New Vedha (knowledge)
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