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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter D

Name Length Meaning
Devdutta 8 king
Devendra 8 king of gods
Devendra 8 lord indra
Devendra 8 indra, the lord og gods
Devendranaatha 14 lord of the king of gods
Devesh 6 lord indra
Devesha 7 lord of gods
Deveshwar 9 lord shiva
Devidaasa 9 servant of the goddess
Devilaala 9 son of devi
Deviprasaada 12 gift of devi
Devkumaara 10 son of a god
Devnarayan 10 king
Devnath 7 king of gods
Dhaama 6 light
Dhaamkara 9 creator of lustre, splendour
Dhaataa 7 one who holds this universe
Dhaatreesha 11 lord of the earth
Dhaatrudhaamaa 14 one who holds the universe
Dhairyavaan 11 one who is courageous
Dhanaadhipa 11 lord of wealth i.e. kuber
Dhanaagama 10 giver of wealth
Dhanadaasa 10 servant of wealth
Dhananjay 9 arjuna
Dhananjaya 10 one who wins wealth
Dhananjaya 10 who has won plenty of wealth
Dhanapati 9 lord of wealth
Dhanesh 7 lord of wealth
Dhanesha 8 lord of wealth
Dhaneshwara 11 lord of wealth
Dhaneshwara 11 lord of wealth
Dhanraj 7 lord kuber
Dhansukh 8 wealthy; happy
Dhanu 5 one who holds bow
Dhanurdhara 11 one who has a bow
Dhanurdharo Dhanurved 21 one who holds the bow and knows the science of archery
Dhanurveda 10 veda concerning archery
Dhanvant 8 wealthy
Dhanya 6 thankful
Dhanya 6 fortunate, bleesed
Dharaadhara 11 one who holds the earth
Dharaneedhara 13 who holds earth
Dharma 6 the law
Dharma 6 one who holds all
Dharmaadhyaksha 15 one who presides over 'dharma'
Dharmaadhyaksha 15 head of the religion
Dharmachaaree 13 one who follows dharma i.e. religion, righteousness
Dharmadaasa 11 servant of the law
Dharmadas 9 one who serves his religion
Dharmadeva 10 lord of the law
Dharmadhenu 11 cow in the form of 'dharma' i.e. virtue, right conduct
Dharmagup 9 protector of 'dharma'
Dharmajna 9 one who is conversant with civil and religious law
Dharmakirti 11 fame of the law
Dharmakrut 10 doer of 'dharma'
Dharmalaabha 12 profited by the law
Dharmamegha 11 cloud
Dharmamitra 11 friend of the law
Dharmamohan 11 one who is attracted by religion
Dharmanaabha 12 glory of dharma
Dharmanand 10 one who takes pleasure in his religion
Dharmapaala 11 protector of the law
Dharmapunja 11 heap of 'dharma'
Dharmaviduttama 15 best among those who know dharma
Dharmayasha 11 fame gained through religious practices
Dharmayoopa 11 dharma-like piller
Dharmee 7 who adopts 'dharma'
Dharmendra 10 god of dharma
Dharmendu 9 light of religion
Dharmesha 9 master of religion
Dharmpal 8 protector of his religion
Dharmveer 9 religious
Dharnidhar 10 shesh, the cosmic serpent
Dhataakarna 11 one who has ears loke a bel
Dhava 5 a lord
Dhawal 6 white
Dheemaan 8 knowledgeable
Dheeman 7 intelligent
Dheemant 8 wise intelligent
Dheer 5 gentle
Dheerendra 10 god of courage
Dhimani 7 one having intellect
Dhiraaja 8 king of the brave
Dhiraj 6 emperor
Dhiren 6 one who is firm
Dhirendra 9 lord of the brave
Dhoorjati 9 the first god
Dhoorjati 9 with a big block of matted hair
Dhrishtaketu 12 one whose banner is boldness
Dhritimaana 11 one who is firm minded
Dhritiman 9 patient
Dhrudha 7 firm, assertive
Dhrudhapragna 13 one who has firm knowledge
Dhrutaatmaa 11 one who is stable in one's own unique soul
Dhrutashee 10 one who eats ghee
Dhruva 6 motionless
Dhruva 6 immovable
Dhruva 6 the polar star
Dhruva 6 unshakeable; the pole star
Dhurya 6 who bears the responsibility
Dhurya 6 one who holds the axis of the earth
Dhwani 6 sound, tune, note
Dhwani 6 sound
Dhyaana 7 meditation
Dhyaanaadhaar 13 one who helps (supports) the 'yogis' to meditate
Dhyaanesha 10 lord of mental concentration
Dhyanesh 8 meditative
Dhyaneshwara 12 master of meditation
Dhyeya 6 to be meditated, contemplated or fit for meditation
Dhyumanistarant 15 one who is like sun and who expects
Dhyutidhara 11 possessing light
Digambara 9 naked
Digvijaya 9 conquest of all directions
Dilawar 7 brave
Dilip 5 an ancestor of lord rama, a king
Dinakara 8 the sun
Dinanath 8 protector of the poor
Dinar 5 gold coin
Dindayal 8 kind to the poor
Dinendra 8 lord of the day
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