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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter V

Name Length Meaning
Vidyagauri 10 vidya knowledge
Vidyul 6 lightning
Vidyullataa 11 a streak of lightning
Vidyut 6 lightning
Vignyaapana 11 a request
Vihanginee 10 one who flies like a bird
Vijaya 6 victory of goddess durga
Vijayaalakshmee 15 lakshmi's wealth
Vijeta 6 victorious
Vijul 5 a silk-cotton tree
Vikaasinee 10 opening
Vikraantaa 10 powerful
Vikraanti 9 powerful
Vilaasavatee 12 amorous
Vilaasini 9 graceful movement of play
Vilasini 8 playful
Vilina 6 dedicated
Vimala,Vimla 12 pure
Vimalaa 7 pure
Vimalalakshmi 13 lakshmi, the pure
Vinantikaa 10 humility
Vinati 6 bowing down
Vinaya 6 modest
Vinayaa 7 humble
Vindhya 7 knowledge
Vineeta 7 unassuming
Vinitaa 7 humble, meek
Vinodaa 7 happy; full of joy
Vinodini 8 one with a fun-loving character
Vinodini 8 pleasing
Vipasa 6 a river
Vipula 6 plenty
Vipulaa 7 the earth
Virachanaa 10 arrangement
Viraj 5 splendour
Virajaa 7 one free from lust or passion
Virata 6 bravery
Vishaalaakshi 13 large-eyed
Vishakha 8 a star
Vishakhaa 9 without a branch
Vishala 7 wide; spacious
Vishalakshi 11 large-eyed
Vishaya 7 subject
Vishikhaa 9 arrow; pin
Vishnumaya 10 goddess paravati
Vishnupriya 11 goddess lakshmi
Viveka 6 right judgement; conscience
Vivekini 8 discriminating
Viyogini 8 one separated from her lover or husband
Vondra 6 The Love Of A Woman
Vondra 6 The Love Of A Woman
Vrajabala 9 girl from mathura and its neighbourhood
Vrataa 6 one who performs religious acts
Vrinda 6 basil; radha
Vrindaa 7 the holy basil
Vrishali 8 an unmarried girl
Vritti 6 nature; temperament
Vrutti 6 existing
Vyanjana 8 rhetoricaal suggestion
Vyoma 5 sky
Vyomikaa 8 one who resides in the sky
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