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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter S

Name Length Meaning
Shrimati 8 goddess lakshmi; fortunate
Shrimayi 8 fortunate
Shrivalli 9 goddess lakshmi
Shrungari 9 decorated
Shrutaa 7 reported, heard
Shrutaavatee 12 proficient in the sacred knowledge
Shrutakeerti 12 famous
Shruti 6 having a knowledge of vedas
Shruti 6 report, the veda
Shubhaa 7 lustre; beauty
Shubhada 8 giver of luck
Shubhadaa 9 one who gives happiness
Shubhangi 9 handsome
Shubhra 7 white; the ganga
Shubhraa 8 crystal
Shucheendraa 12 lord of purity
Shuchi 6 sacred, holy
Shuchismita 11 one who has a pure smile
Shuchita 8 purity
Shuchitaa 9 purity
Shuddhaa 8 pure, clean
Shukla 6 white; goddess saraswati
Shuklaa 7 white
Shukti 6 pearl-oyster
Shulka 6 goddess saraswati
Shushiraa 9 a river
Shweta 6 white
Shwetaa 7 a cowrie
Shwetaange 10 fair-complexioned
Shwetala 8 white
Shwetalataa 11 a white creeper
Shwiti 6 whiteness
Shyaamaa 8 night, shadow
Shyaamalaa 10 dark blue
Shyaamalaangee 14 a dark-complexioned body
Shyaamalataa 12 dark colored creeper
Shyama 6 dark as cloud; goddess kali
Shyamaa 7 night; shade shadow
Shyamal 7 dusky
Shyamali 8 dusky
Shyamalika 10 dusky
Shyamalima 10 dusky
Shyamangi 9 dark complexioned
Shyamari 8 dusky
Shyamarupaa 11 a black beauty
Shyamasri 9 dusky beauti
Shyamlata 9 a creeper with dusky leaves
Shyla 5 goddess parvati
Sibani 6 goddess parvati
Siddheshwari 12 a goddess
Siddhi 6 achievement
Siddhi 6 completion; perfection
Siddhidaa 9 one who bestows success
Siddhikaa 9 small fulffilment
Siddhima 8 achievement
Sikata 6 sand
Sikta 5 wet
Simantini 9 a married woman
Simran, Smaran 15 remembered
Simrit, Smrita 15 remembered
Sindhu 6 ocean; river sindhu
Sindhujaa 9 born of the ocean
Sinduraa 8 name of a tree
Sinsapa 7 ashok tree
Sita 4 wife of lord rama
Sitara 6 a star
Siya 4 sita
Smita 5 smiling
Smitaa 6 smiling
Smriti 6 memory
Smritirekha 11 memory
Smruti/Smriti 14 remembrance
Sneha 5 friendship; love
Sneha 5 affection
Snehaa 6 affection, love
Snehaa 6 affactionate; oily
Snehaanjali 11 cavity full of love
Snehaankitaa 12 won by love
Snehajaa 8 born from love
Snehal 6 friendly
Snehalaa 8 loving
Snehalata 9 creeper of love
Snehalataa 10 creeper of friendship
Snehapriyaa 11 dear beloved
Snehini 7 a friend
Snehprabhaa 11 lustre of love
Snigdha 7 soft
Snigdhaa 8 loving
Snigdhaa 8 loving, friendly
Snushaa 7 daughter-in-law
Sohaagee 8 fortunate
Sohaila 7 moon-glow
Sohanaa 7 good looking
Sohinee 7 pretty
Sohni 5 beautiful
Soma 4 moon-rays
Somalakshmi 11 lustre of the moon
Somashree 9 moon, beauty
Sona 4 gold
Sonaa 5 gold
Sonaalee 8 of gold
Sonaalikaa 10 of gold
Sonaksshi 9 golden-eyed
Sonal 5 golden
Sonala 6 of gold; golden
Sonali 6 golden
Sonika 6 golden
Sonitaa 7 of gold
Soorat 6 beauti
Soumya 6 handsome
Sourabhi 8 fragrance; the celestial cow
Spanditaa 9 throbbed, quivered
Spardhaa 8 rivalry, competition
Spardhini 9 emulating
Sphruti 7 looming, shaking
Spruhaa 7 desire
Sristi 6 creation
Sshagufta 9 flowering
Sshaila 7 goddess parvati
Sshilpaa 8 one who is skilled in any art
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