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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter S

Name Length Meaning
Sarala 6 straight
Saralaa 7 simple, honest
Sarama 6 wife of bibhisan
Saranya 7 surrendered
Sarasi 6 a lake, pool
Sarasija 8 born in a pool
Sarasijaaksha 13 lotus-eyed
Saraswatee 10 watery; elegant
Saraswati 9 goddess of learning
Sarayu 6 a holy river
Sarayu 6 air, wind
Sarbani 7 goddess durga
Sarika 6 a koel
Sarit 5 river
Saritaa 7 to flow; a river
Saritaa 7 a river
Sarjana 7 creative; creation
Saroja 6 lotus
Saroja 6 lotus
Sarojini 8 cluster of lotuses
Sarojini 8 lotus
Saruprani 9 beautiful woman
Sarvadaa 8 always
Sarvamangala 12 one who brings good fortune to all
Sarvasahaa 10 the earth, one who bears all
Sarveshwaree 12 lord of all
Sasmita 7 smiling
Satee 5 chaste, austere
Sati 4 chaste woman
Satvamatee 10 one endowed with riches
Satya 5 truth
Satyaa 6 truthfulness
Satyadaa 8 one who gives truth
Satyapriyaa 11 one who loves truth
Satyarupaa 10 truth in the form of woman
Satyavati 9 truthful
Satyavati 9 truthful
Saubhaagyasundari 17 beauty endowed with good fortune
Saudamini 9 lighting
Saumyaa 7 serene
Saumyendra 10 most serene
Saundaraa 9 beauty
Saurabhee 9 fragrance
Savarnaa 8 one belonging to the same caste
Savita 6 the sun
Savitashri 10 lustre of the sun
Savitri 7 a river; goddess saraswati
Sawini 6 a river
Sayeeda 7 leader
Seema 5 boundary
Seemaa 6 limit, boundary
Seemanti 8 parting line of the hair
Seemantini 10 woman
Seerat 6 inner beauti; fame
Seeta 5 a furrow personified as a goddess and worshipped as the deity presiding over agriculture
Sejal 5 river water
Selma 5 fair
Semanti 7 a white rose
Serena 6 quiet
Sevaa 5 service
Sevaalee 8 green moss
Sevantee 8 name of a flower
Sevati 6 white rose
Sevita 6 cherished
Shaachee/Sachee 16 speech, eloquence
Shaalabhanjikaa 15 a doll
Shaalikaa 9 parrot, weaver
Shaalinaa 9 domestic
Shaalinee 9 housewife
Shaamaa 7 night; shade shadow
Shaantaa 8 peaceful
Shaantataa 10 peace
Shaanti 7 peace, quiet
Shaantidaa 10 one who give peace
Shaantidevi 11 goddess of peace
Shaaradaa 9 goddess of knowledge
Shaaradi 8 the full moon day in the month of kaartik
Shaashvati 10 the earth
Shaasshwatee 12 eternal
Shaataa 7 peace
Shabab 6 beauti
Shabalaa 8 a spotted or brindled cow
Shabali 7 a spotted or brindled cow
Shabana 7 decorated
Shabari 7 a tribal devotee of lord rama
Shabnum 7 dew
Shachi 6 wife of lord indira
Shadabhujaa 11 goddess having six arms
Shadri 6 a cloud; lightning; an elephant
Shafaree 8 fish
Shaheena 8 tender
Shaibalini 10 a mossy river
Shailaa 7 mountain
Shailabaalaa 12 daughter of the mountain
Shailajaa 9 born of the mountain
Shailee 7 mode of expression or interpretation; behaviour, conduct
Shaileshee 10 king of mountains, himalaya
Shaili 6 style
Shakambari 10 goddess parvati
Shakeel 7 handsome
Shakeela 8 beautiful
Shakti 6 power; ability
Shakti 6 goddess durga; power
Shakuni 7 a bird
Shakunikaa 10 a sparrow
Shakuntala 10 brought up by birds
Shakunti 8 bird
Shakuntikaa 11 a bird
Shalaakaa 9 small, thin stick
Shalaka 7 goddess parvati
Shalin 6 silk-cotton tree
Shalini 7 modest
Shalmali 8 silk cotton tree
Shalyaa 7 a slab of stone
Shama 5 flame
Shamaa 6 flame; candle
Shamataa 8 peace; patience; forgiveness
Shambari 8 illusion, jugglery
Shambhavi 9 goddess paravati
Shameena 8 beautiful
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