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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter D

Name Length Meaning
Daaminee 8 lightning
Dadhijaa 8 a woman soft as butter
Dadhisutta 10 born from the sea
Daksha 6 the earth; sati, wife of shiva
Dakshaa 7 intelligent
Dakshata 8 skill
Dakshayani 10 goddess durga
Dakshee 7 intelligent
Damayanti 9 nala's wife
Damini 6 lightning
Darpana 7 a mirror
Darpanaa 8 looking glass
Darpini 7 proud v
Darpitaa 8 proud
Darshanaa 9 one who looks beautiful
Darshee 7 perceiving
Darshitaa 9 displayed
Darvikaa 8 a sacrificial ladle or spoon
Darvikaa 8 a sacrificial ladle of spoon
Dashamee 8 the tenth day of lunar fortnight
Dashamee 8 the tenth day of the lunar fortnight
Dattaa 6 one who is given
Davee 5 goddess
Daya 4 kindness
Dayaa 5 pity
Dayamayee 9 kind
Dayanita 8 tender
Dayita 6 beloved
Dayitaa 7 beloved
Deeba 5 silk
Deeksha 7 consecretion for a relogious ceremony
Deekshaa 8 to take vow from 'guru'
Deenaa 6 one who is in need
Deenabandhu 11 friend of the poor
Deepaa 6 light
Deepaa 6 a shining woman
Deepaalee 9 a row of lights
Deepabali 9 row of lamps
Deepakalikaa 12 the flame of a lamp
Deepali 7 row of lamps
Deepanwita 10 diwali
Deepanwita 10 lit by lamps
Deepaprabha 11 fully lighted
Deepika 7 a lamp
Deepikaa 8 one who shows the way
Deepmala 8 row of lamps
Deepshikha 10 flame
Deepta 6 shining
Deeptaa 7 a lustrous woman
Deeptaa 7 radiant beauti
Deepti 6 flame; lustre
Deepti 6 radiant beauti
Deeptikana 10 a beam of light
Deeptimoyee 11 lustrous
Devaanga 8 a part or limb of god
Devaangana 10 a celestial damsel
Devadenaa 9 army of gods
Devaganikaa 11 a nymph
Devaharshaa 11 joy of the gods
Devahuti 8 daughter of manu
Devajnaa 8 a woman having knowledge of god
Devaki 6 mother of krishna
Devakumaaree 12 daughter of the god
Devalaa 7 female attendant of an idol
Devalakshmee 12 wealth of the gods
Devalataa 9 the navamallka or double jasmine plant
Devamayee 9 one with god
Devangana 9 celestial maiden
Devapriya 9 dear to god
Devasree 8 divine beauti
Devavaanee 10 a divine voice
Deveebaalaa 11 divine, godly
Deveenaa 8 goddess
Devika 6 goddess
Devyani 7 daughter of shukracharya
Dhaaraa 7 a stream of water
Dhaarinee 9 the earth
Dhaatree 8 earth
Dhairyabaalaa 13 endowed with courage
Dhanada 7 one who gifts wealth
Dhanalakshmee 13 goddess of wealth
Dhanashri 9 raga
Dhanavidyaa 11 treasure of knowledge
Dhaneshwaree 12 goddess of wealth
Dhanishta 9 a star
Dhanurjaya 10 beauty of wealth
Dhanvee 7 one who has a bow
Dhanvee 7 one who holds the bow
Dhanya 6 great
Dhara 5 the earth
Dhara 5 current of water
Dharaa 6 earth
Dharanaa 8 the act of supporting
Dharani 7 the earth
Dharitree 9 the earth
Dharitri 8 the earth
Dharmaa 7 the law
Dharmajnaa 10 one who is conversant with civil and religious law
Dharmishtaa 11 one who has faith in religion
Dhatri 6 goddess parvati
Dhavalaa 8 fair complexioned
Dhriti 6 patience
Dhrumana 8 a firm woman
Dhumrikaa 9 smoky-cheeked
Dhundhalee 10 childless
Digambaree 10 naked
Diksha 6 initation
Dilber 6 lover
Dilshad 7 happy
Dipti 5 brightness
Disha 5 direction
Dishti 6 good fortune
Divya 5 divine lustre
Divyaa 6 a radiant woman
Divyaanganaa 12 a heavenly nymph
Divyakaanataa 13 (kaant -- husband)
Diwaalee 8 festival of lights
Doyel 5 a songbird
Dradha 6 firm
Drapta 6 always cheerful
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