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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter R

Name Length Meaning
Ravi 4 sun
Ravija 6 born of the sun
Ravikeerti 10 one whose fame is like the sun
Ravikirana 10 ray of the sun
Ravilochana 11 eyes like the sun
Ravilochana 11 whose eyes is the sun
Ravinaatha 10 lotus
Ravinandan 10 karna
Ravindra 8 sun
Ravindra 8 the sun lord
Raviraaja 9 sun king
Raviranjana 11 dazzling as the sun
Ravisha 7 lord of the sun
Ravishu 7 cupid
Raza 4 hope
Razak 5 devotee
Rebanta 7 sun of surya
Rehman 6 merciful
Rehmat 6 merci
Riddhiman 9 possessed of good fortune
Rijul 5 innocencent
Ripudaman 9 one who has defeated enemies or passions
Ripudaman 9 killer of enemies
Ripujeevahara 13 one who takes the life of enemies
Rishab 6 morality
Rishabh 7 second note of octave
Rishabhadeva 12 lord of morality
Rishi 5 seer, sage, a person to whom new knowledge is revealed
Rishi 5 sage
Rishikesh 9 lord vishnu
Rishiraaja 10 king among ascetics
Rituraj 7 spring
Ritvik 6 priest
Riyaz 5 practice
Rizvan 6 harbinger of good news
Rochak 6 tasty
Rochan 6 bright
Rochana 7 red lotus, bright
Rochisha 8 light, brightness
Rochishnu 9 brilliant
Rohan 5 ascending
Rohanlal 8 lord krisshna
Rohit 5 red
Rohita 6 red
Rohita 6 red coloured
Rohitasva 9 son of king harishchandra
Ronak 5 embellisshment
Roshan 6 illumination
Ruchika 7 a sage
Ruchir 6 beautiful
Ruchira 7 handsome, shining
Ruchiraangada 13 has beautiful armlets
Ruchiraangada 13 one who wears armlets on the arms
Ruddha 6 possessed of wealth
Rudra 5 terrible, fearful
Rudra 5 lord shiva
Rujaraaja 9 moon
Ruju 4 plain or simple
Rujula 6 uncomplicated
Rukma 5 gold
Rukshesha 9 king of stars, moon
Rupak 5 beautiful
Rupaka 6 a sign, feature
Rupali 6 beautiful
Rupam 5 beauty, form
Rupanga 7 silver-bodied
Rupesha 7 lord of beauty
Rupin 5 embodied beauty
Rushi 5 a sage, ray of light
Rushikaanta 11 lord of the ascetics
Rushil 6 charming
Rushiraaja 10 king of the ascetics
Rushyashringa 13 deer-horned
Rustom 6 warrior
Rutajeet 8 conqueror of truth
Rutu 4 wheel of time/season
Rutujeet 8 one who conquers the six seasons
Rutunjaya 9 one who conquers the seasons
Rutvija 7 a priest who officiates at a sacrifice
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