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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter T

Name Length Meaning
Taaraa 6 a star or planet
Taarana 7 one who uplifts
Taarikaa 8 beautiful; a small star
Taarinee 8 a raft; one who saves others
Tabassum 8 a flower
Tamalika 8 belonging to a place full of tamal
Tamanna 7 desire
Tamasa 6 a river; darkness
Tamasi 6 night
Tamasvinee 10 night
Tambura 7 a musical instrument
Tami 4 dark half of the month
Tandraa 7 fatigue
Tanika 6 rope
Tanima 6 slenderness
Tanmaya 7 absorbed
Tannavee 8 young
Tannishtha 10 dedicated
Tanseem 7 salute of paradise
Tanu 4 body
Tanuja 6 daughter
Tanujaa 7 born from body; daughter
Tanuka 6 slender
Tanushri 8 beautiful
Tanya 5 daughter
Tapani 6 the river godavari
Tapasi 6 a female ascetic
Tapaswinee 10 one who does penance
Tapati 6 the sun's daughter
Tapti 5 a river
Tara 4 star; wife of lord brihaspati
Taraka 6 star
Tarakeshwari 12 goddess parvati
Tarakini 8 starry night
Tarala 6 honeybee
Taralaa 7 unsteady; splendid
Taralaa 7 tremulous
Taralitaa 9 shaking
Taralitaa 9 shaking, undulating
Tarana 6 a musical composition
Taranee 7 a ray of light; a boat
Tarangini 9 river
Tarani 6 boat
Tarannum 8 melody
Taraswinee 10 swift; strong
Tarika 6 starlet
Tarini 6 goddess parvati
Taritprabha 11 lightning
Taritree 8 that which swims; a boat
Tarjani 7 the first finger
Tarlikaa 8 shaking
Tarnginee 9 a river
Tarpana 7 pleassing
Taru F 6 tree
Tarulata 8 creeper
Tarulataa 9 a creeper
Taruni 6 young girl
Tarunika 8 young girl
Tarunikaa 9 young
Tarunima 8 youth
Tatini 6 river
Tatini 6 a river
Teekshnaa 9 sharp-witted
Teekshnapushpaa 15 flower of the clove tree
Teertha 7 holy place
Teertha 7 place of pilgrimage
Teesta 6 a river
Tehzeeb 7 elegance
Tejal 5 lustrous
Tejala 6 full of light
Tejasee 7 lustre
Tejashree 9 beayty of the lustre
Tejaswi 7 lustrous
Tejaswinee 10 one who has dignity
Tejaswini 9 lustrous
Tejni 5 the edge of a knife; a reed
Thabsheera 10 Hearing Good News
Thabsheera 10 Hearing Good News
Thanaa 6 Thankfulness
Thanaa 6 Thankfulness
Thanishka 9 Goddess of gold and Angel
Thanishka 9 Goddess of gold and Angel
Thanmayi 8 ecstasy
Thanmayi 8 ecstasy
Thansi 6 The Princess
Thansi 6 The Princess
Thanushree 10 Beauty
Thanushree 10 Beauty
Tharisha 8 Wish
Tharisha 8 Wish
Thasni 6 River
Thasni 6 River
Thaswika 8 Goddess Parvathi
Thaswika 8 Goddess Parvathi
Thumari 7 light classical melody
Tilaka 6 a kind of necklace
Tilottama 9 a celestial maiden
Timila 6 a musical instrument
Titiksha 8 forgiveness
Titikshaa 9 endurance
Titikshaa 9 patience
Toral 5 a folk heroine
Tosha 5 delighted
Toshala 7 one who satisfies
Toshitaa 8 satisfied
Tovi 4 Beloved
Trapa 5 modesty
Tridhara 8 the river ganga
Triguna 7 maya or illusion; goddess durga
Triguni 7 the three dimensions
Trikaya 7 three dimensional
Trilochana 10 goddess durga
Trilochanaa 11 one with three eyes
Trilokhee 9 the universe
Trinayani 9 goddess durga
Trinetra 8 goddess durga
Trinetra 8 goddess parvati
Triparna 8 leaf of sacred bael
Tripta 6 satisfied
Triptaa/Truptaa 16 satisfied
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