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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter T

Name Length Meaning
Taara 5 best sound
Taarachand 10 silver star
Taaraka 7 a star, pupil of the eye
Taaraka 7 protecting, a star
Taarkshya 9 an epithet of eagle, one who is form of eagle
Tahir 5 holi
Taizeen 7 encouragement
Taj 3 crown
Tajdar 6 crowned
Talat 5 prayer
Talib 5 divine
Talleen 7 absorbed
Tamal 5 a tree with very dark bark
Tamistrahaa 11 one who removes the darkness
Tamkinat 8 pomp
Tamohara 8 one who removes the darkness
Tamonash 8 destroyer of ignorance
Tanay 5 son
Tanmay 6 absorbed
Tanmaya 7 engrossed
Tantipaala 10 cowherd
Tantuvardhana 13 keeps expanding the fibre
Tantuyardhana 13 one who extends, expands the world
Tanuj 5 son
Tanveer 7 enlightened
Tapa 4 penance
Tapan 5 the sun
Tapana 6 sun; summer
Tapas 5 ascetic
Tapas 5 heat, penance
Tapasranjan 11 lord vishnu
Tapasvee 8 one who does penance
Tapaswee 8 one who is practising penance
Tapomay 7 full of moral virtue
Tapsendra 9 lord shiva
Tarachand 9 staar
Tarak 5 protector
Taraka 6 one who carries the devotees through
Tarakeshwar 11 lord shiva
Taraknath 9 lord shiva
Taral 5 restless
Tarana 6 a raft; heaven
Taranga 7 wave
Taranga 7 wave
Taraprashad 11 star
Tarasvee 8 speedy
Tarik 5 one who crosses the river of life
Tariq 5 morning star
Tarit 5 lightning
Tarun 5 young
Taruna 6 youth
Taruntapan 10 morning sun
Tasmin 6 literally, 'in that'
Tat 3 consequently / for that reason / therefore
Tathagata 9 the buddha
Tattravam 9 essence
Tattvam 7 the real nature of the human soul or the material world as being identical with the supreme spirit pervading the universe
Tattvavit 9 one who knows supreme spirit
Tattvavit 9 one who knows the essence
Tausiq 6 reinforcement
Tavaachaarya 12 preceptor
Teekshnarashmi 14 the sun
Teertha 7 holy place
Teerthadeva Shivaalaya 22 like benevolent gods of holy places
Teerthakara 11 creator of 'tirtha'
Teerthanaamaa 13 one who is as holy as 'teertha'
Teerthankar 11 a jain saint
Teerthankara 12 the writer of 'sgastras'
Tejaa 5 lustrous
Tejapaal 8 protector of lustre
Tejaprakaasha 13 powerful light
Tejas 5 sharpness
Tejas 5 lusture; brilliance
Tejeshwar 9 the sun
Tejomay 7 glorious
Tejomaya 8 luminious
Tejomaya Dhyutidhara 20 brilliant and beautiful
Tejoraaashirmahaamani 21 like a big jewel which shines as accumulated store of light
Tejovrusha 10 one who showers light
Thakur 6 leader; god
Tigmaanshu 10 with sharp rays
Tilak 5 auspicious spot on the forehead
Tilaka 6 mark made with sandalwood or unguent
Timin 5 a large fish
Timingila 9 swallower of the timin
Timir 5 darkness
Timirbaran 10 dark
Tirtha 6 holy place
Titir 5 a bird
Tittiri 7 a partridge
Toshaka 7 one who pleases
Toshan 6 satisfaction
Toshan 6 Satisfaction
Toyesh 6 Lord Of Water
Trailokva 9 the three worlds
Trambak 7 lord shiva
Trambakal 9 with three eyes
Trayeetanu 10 one whose body is like three vedas
Tribhuvan 9 the three worlds
Tribhuvana 10 three worlds
Tridarshaadhyaksha 18 lord of 3 stages, (awakned, semi awakened and sleep)
Tridashaadhipa 14 presiding over thirty three gods
Tridib 6 heaven
Trigun 6 the three dimensions
Trikakubdhadhaama 17 a resting place of all the three directons (high, moddle and low) in which the soul travels
Trilochan 9 lord shiva
Trilochana 10 one with three eyes
Trilochana 10 with three ways
Trilok 6 the three worlds
Triloka/Trilok 15 three worlds
Trilokaatmaa 12 soul of the 3 worlds
Trilokapa 9 the protector of three worlds
Trilokesh 9 lord shiva
Trilokesha 10 lord of three worlds
Trilokesha 10 lord of 3 worlds
Tripura 7 a collection of three cities
Tripuraari 10 enemy of the three cities
Tripurari 9 lord shiva
Trisaamaa 9 one who is praised by 3 notes and 3 scales
Trishanku 9 a king of the surya dynasty
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