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Name for Nakshatra Jyeshta - Nakshatra Birth Star Jyeshta

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Yaachanaa 9 Girl an entreaty
Yaaja 5 Boy a brahmin of great sanctity
Yaamini 7 Girl night
Yadav 5 Boy lord krishna's clan
Yadunandan 10 Boy lord krishna
Yadunath 8 Boy lord krisshna
Yadushreshtha 13 Boy best among yadus
Yagbhut 7 Boy holding sacrifical rites
Yagna 5 Boy sacrifice / any oblation / an act of worship
Yagna 5 Boy an act of worship, devotional act
Yagnaanga 9 Boy ports of yagna (sacrifice)
Yagnabhuk 9 Boy who gets the fruits of yoga
Yagnaguhyam 11 Boy secret of yagna (worship)
Yagnakrut 9 Boy performer of sacrifice, offering
Yagnapati 9 Boy lord of yagna (sacrifice)
Yagnasaadhana 13 Boy procured through yagna (oblation)
Yagnavaahana 12 Boy one who carries 'yagna', oblation
Yagnee 6 Boy who accepts sacrificial rites
Yagnesha 8 Boy lord of the sacrificial fire
Yagnya 6 Girl sacred fire
Yajamaana 9 Boy one who performs a regular sacrifice and plays for it; owner
Yajas 5 Boy worship
Yajati 6 Boy king of the chandra dynasty
Yajna 5 Boy sacrifice
Yajnaanga 9 Boy part of a sacrifice
Yajnadaya 9 Girl risen from the sacred fire
Yajwaa 6 Boy performer of sacrifice
Yaksshini 9 Girl celestial being
Yama 4 Boy controlling / any great moral or religious duty
Yami 4 Girl night
Yamini 6 Girl night
Yamuna 6 Girl a holi river
Yasha 5 Boy fame, glory
Yashapaala 10 Boy one who protects fame
Yashas 6 Boy success
Yashaschandra 13 Boy moon of glory
Yashaskara 10 Boy glorious
Yashila 7 Girl successful
Yashna 6 Girl prayer
Yashoda, Jasoda 16 Girl mother of lord krishna; giver of success
Yashodhana 10 Boy rich in fame
Yashodhana 10 Boy one who is rich with fame
Yashodhara 10 Boy one who has been successful in attaining fame
Yashodhara 10 Girl mother of lord buddha
Yashodharaa 11 Girl one who has been successful in attaining fame
Yashomati 9 Girl successful
Yashovanta, Yasvant 20 Boy famous
Yashpal 7 Boy protector of fame
Yashwanta 9 Boy one who has attained fame or glory
Yasmin 6 Girl a flower; chameli
Yat 3 Boy to strive after / be watchful / to long for
Yatin 5 Boy an ascetic
Yatin 5 Boy an ascetic
Yatindra 8 Boy a great sage
Yudhishthira 12 Boy one who is firm in battle
Yugaadikrudyugaavarta 21 Boy one who started an era and runs it
Yugaadikrut 11 Boy one who started the eras
Yugaavaha 9 Boy one who directs the age of the world
Yugaavarta 10 Boy one who changes all the eras
Yugal 5 Boy pair
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