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Name for Nakshatra Dhanishta - Nakshatra Birth Star Dhanishta

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Gaandhaara 10 Boy third note on the indian musical scale
Gaathaa 7 Girl story written in verse
Gaayatreenee 12 Girl one who sings hymns
Gabhasti 8 Girl a ray, light
Gabhastinemi 12 Boy having brilliant circumference
Gabheera 8 Boy serious
Gabheeraatmaa 13 Boy immeasurable soul
Gadaadhara 10 Boy one who holds the mace
Gadaadhara 10 Boy one who holds the club
Gadaagraja 10 Boy one who is ahead of words i.e. light
Gagana 6 Boy sky, heaven
Gaganaghosha 12 Boy thunder
Gaganakundaabha 15 Boy like the flower by the name of gaganakunda
Gaganaviharee 13 Boy one who resides in the heavens
Gahan 5 Boy deep, mysterious, incomprehenssible
Gahana 6 Boy incomprehensible
Gahana 6 Boy one who has the strength of an elephant
Gajaanana 9 Boy one who has the face of an elephant
Gajadhara 9 Boy one who can handle an elephant
Gajapati 8 Boy lord, master
Gajapushpee 11 Girl a kind of creeper
Gajaraa 7 Girl wreath of flowers
Gajavadana 10 Boy one who has the face of an elephant
Gajendra 8 Boy lord of the elephants
Gakgaaminee 11 Girl one who has an elephant-like gait
Gamatee 7 Boy jolly, gay
Gambheera 9 Boy serious, considerate
Gambheera 9 Boy serious, solemn
Gambheeraa 10 Girl serious, considerate
Ganadhara 9 Boy chief of a group
Ganaka 6 Boy an astrologer
Ganakaaya 9 Boy principal of the group
Ganakee Or Ganikaa 19 Girl an astrologer
Gananaatha 10 Boy group, clan
Ganaraaja 9 Boy lord of the clan
Ganasagara 10 Girl ocean of virtue
Ganbhira 8 Boy dignified
Ganbhiraa 9 Girl dignified
Gandhaa 7 Girl a sweet smelling woman
Gandhaakshata 13 Boy sandalwood paste and rice used in worship
Gandhaalee 10 Girl a sweet smelling woman
Gandhaali 9 Girl perfumed
Gandhaharikaa 13 Girl a person who prepares perfumes
Gandhalataa 11 Girl the priyangu creeper
Gandhamadana 12 Boy a large black bee
Gandharva 9 Boy a celestial musician
Gandharvee 10 Girl a celestial musician
Gandhavatee 11 Girl the earth, wine
Ganeshwara 10 Boy leader of the group
Gangaadhara 11 Boy shiva
Gangaaplavodaka 15 Boy one who holds the flow of river ganges
Gangadatta 10 Boy gift of the gangas
Gangala 7 Boy a precious stone
Gangodaka 9 Boy water of ganges
Gangotree 9 Girl origin of the ganges
Garimaa 7 Girl greatness
Garjana 7 Boy loud cry
Garuda 6 Boy the king of birds
Garudadhwaja 12 Boy flag with the symbol of eagle
Gati 4 Girl speed
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