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Name for Nakshatra Krittika - Nakshatra Birth Star Krittika

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Aaatmayoni 10 Boy born on his own
Aabadh 6 Girl free from any problem, unrestrained
Aabhaa 6 Girl light, splendour, colour, a reflection
Aabhaa 6 Girl light
Aabhaas 7 Boy awareness
Aabhaas / Abhaasaa 19 Girl splendour, light, vedantas, colour, appearance
Aabhaasanaa 11 Girl illumination, making apparent or clear
Aabharikaa 10 Girl one who has a halo
Aabhidaa 8 Girl literal meaning, in poetics abhida is used to distinguish what is seen as the basic words or signs
Aabhirika 9 Girl a cowherd's wife
Aadarsha 8 Boy a looking glass
Aadhaaranilaya 14 Boy residing on earth
Aadhikara 9 Boy shiva
Aadhyaa 7 Girl the first power; one of the ten durgas
Aadi 4 Boy first; most important
Aadideva 8 Boy the first god
Aadima 6 Boy in the beginning
Aadimurti 9 Boy first creation
Aadinatha 9 Boy the first lord
Aadishwara 10 Boy the first god
Aadisura 8 Boy the first god
Aadita 6 Boy from the first
Aaditaa 7 Girl
Aaditeya 8 Boy immortal
Aaditi 6 Girl the earth
Aaditya 7 Boy sun
Aadityanaaraayana 17 Boy sun
Aadityavardhana 15 Boy one who embellishes the sun
Aadityesha 10 Boy the sun god
Aafreen 7 Girl encouragement
Aagama 6 Boy coming, birth
Aagneya 7 Boy son of agni
Aagranee 8 Boy leads first
Aahlaaditaa 11 Girl a woman in a happy mood
Aahlada 7 Boy delight
Aakaankshaa 11 Girl desire
Aakaashdeepa 12 Boy light of the sky
Aakar 5 Boy shape
Aakarsha 8 Boy to attract
Aakasha 7 Boy to shine
Aakil 5 Boy intelligent
Aakraanti 9 Girl might, force
Aakuti 6 Girl desire, intention
Aalaapa 7 Boy first part of a dialogue
Aalaapee 8 Boy one who sings
Aalambi 7 Boy hold on to
Aalap 5 Boy musical prelude, conversation
Aalapini 8 Girl a songstress
Aalochana 9 Boy to perceive
Aaloka 6 Boy cry of victory
Aaloka 6 Boy splendour, light, a word of praise uttered by a bard
Aalokaa 7 Girl woman having lustre
Aamarkali 9 Girl bud of the mango tree
Aamnaaya 8 Boy like veda
Aamodini 8 Girl fragrance
Aamramanjari 12 Girl blossom of the mango tree
Aamrapali 9 Girl leaf of the mango tree
Aamrapallavi 12 Girl leaf of the mango tree
Aanana 6 Boy visage; face
Aananda 7 Boy joy
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