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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter H

Name Length Meaning
Haatakeshwara 13 lord of gold
Habib 5 beloved
Hafizz 6 protected
Halaayudha 10 one who carries the plough as his weapon
Halaayudha 10 possessing plough as weapon
Hamid 5 friend
Hamir 5 raga
Hamsa 5 swan
Hamsaraaja 10 king of swans
Han Sagati 10 stalking in a stately manner
Hans 4 swan
Hansa 5 the supreme soul, brahman
Hansa 5 spirit; swan
Hanuman 7 the monkey god of ramayana
Hanumant 8 the monkey god of ramayana
Hara 4 shiva
Hara 4 one who destroys
Haradeva 8 shiva
Haramedhas 10 sacrifice
Harashekhar 11 hara's crest
Harasiddha 10 eternal shiva
Harbansa 8 belonging to the family of hari
Hardik 6 heartfelt
Harekrishna 11 lord krishna
Haren 5 great shiva
Hari 4 vishnu, the sun
Hari 4 one who destroys the sins of devotees
Hari 4 one who takes away desires
Hari Om 7 name of brahma
Haribhakti 10 devotion to hari
Harichandana 12 a kind of yellow paste
Haricharana 11 at the feet of the lord
Haridas 7 servant of krishna
Haridassa 9 servant of hari
Harigopal 9 lord krishna
Harihar 7 lord vishnu and shiva
Harihara 8 shiva and vishnu together
Harikaanta 10 dear to the lord
Harikrishna 11 lord krishna
Harilala 8 son of hari
Harinarayan 11 lord visshnu
Harindra 8 lord hari
Harindranaatha 14 lord hari
Harinivas 9 house of hari
Hariom 6 lord vishnu
Haripaala 9 one who protects hari, lion
Hariprapada 11 blessing of hari
Hariprasad 10 bleswsed by lord krishna
Hariraaja 9 king of lions
Hariram 7 lord rama
Harismita 9 smile of hari
Harisshchandra 14 king of surya dynasty, charitable and upright
Haritbaran 10 green
Harivadana 10 possessing a face like hari
Harivallabha 12 dear of hari
Harivamsha 10 name of purana
Harivatsa 9 name of arjuna
Harivilaasa 11 pleasure of hari
Harjeet 7 victorious
Harmendra 9 the moon
Haroon 6 hope
Harsha 6 joy, deligh
Harshad 7 giver of joy
Harshada 8 giver of pleasure
Harshala 8 a lover
Harshana 8 pleasant
Harshavardhan 13 creater of joy
Harshavardhana 14 one who increases joy
Harshil 7 joyful
Harshit 7 joyous
Harshula 8 a deer
Harssh 6 happiness
Hartaa 6 the destroyer
Hasit 5 happy
Hasita 6 happy
Hasmukha 8 one having a smile face
Hassan 6 islamic saint
Hastin 6 one who has hands
Havi 4 material for 'yagna'
Havirdhaama 11 a place of sacrifice
Havyavaaha 10 like fire
Havyavaahana 12 the better of oblations
Hayagriva 9 one having the head of a horse
Heenadosha 10 faultless
Heer 4 diamond
Heerachanda 11 diamond like moon
Heeraka 7 a diamond
Heeramana 9 a diamond sharp mind
Hem 3 gold
Hemaadri 8 mountain of gold
Hemaanga 8 one having a shining body
Hemaanya 8 with body like gold colour
Hemachandra 11 golden moon
Hemadaasa 9 slave of gold
Hemadri 7 the himalaya
Hemambar 8 golden sky or golden dress
Hemanga 7 golden bodied
Hemanta 7 early winter
Hemaraaja 9 king of gold
Hemavateenandana 16 son of hemavatee
Hemendra 8 golden lord
Hemendra 8 lord of gold
Hemendu 7 golden moon
Heramba 7 lord ganesha
Heramba 7 boastful
Hetu 4 end objectives
Himaadrivadana 14 serene
Himaavata 9 mountain king
Himachal 8 the himalayas
Himachala 9 unmoving
Himadri 7 himalaya
Himaghna 8 the sun
Himanish 8 lord shiva
Himanshu 8 the moon
Himarashmi 10 moon with rays as cold as snow
Himmat 6 courage
Hiranmay 8 golden
Hiranya 7 gold
Hiranya 7 wealth
Hiranya 7 shining like gold
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