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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter K

Name Length Meaning
Ka 2 the lord of creatures (pronoun : who)
Ka 2 joy, happiness
Kaala 5 time
Kaalaha 7 destroyer of the enemy by name of 'kaalo'
Kaalakaaree 11 one who carries out destruction
Kaalaneminihaa 14 one who kills the wheel of time
Kaalanjaya 10 one who has conquered time
Kaalapaksha 11 one who helps destruction
Kaalayogi 9 one who gives fruits, results at a right time
Kaaleecharana 13 at the feet of goddess kaalee
Kaama 5 desire
Kaamaayudha 11 cupid's arrow
Kaamadeva 9 god of love
Kaamadeva 9 one who fulfils all desires
Kaamadeva 9 the god of love
Kaamahaa 8 one who kills desires
Kaamakrut 9 one who creates desires
Kaamapaala 10 one who fulfills the wishes (of devotees)
Kaamaprada 10 giver of all desires
Kaamashaasana 13 one who punishes cupid
Kaamee 6 one who controls the desires
Kaameshwara 11 one having ful control over passion
Kaanajee 8 krishan
Kaanchana 9 gold
Kaanta 6 lovely, beautiful
Kaanta 6 one with beautiful body
Kaanta 6 beautiful, attractive, brilliant
Kaaraam 7 creator of the universe
Kaaranam 8 the generative cause, creator, fater
Kaarti 6 name of a month
Kaartikeya 10 the god of war
Kaasheeaa 9 name of a bird
Kaasheeraama 12 one who pleases kaashi
Kaashya 7 a kind of grass
Kaashyapa 9 tortoise
Kaathaarnava 12 sea of stories
Kabir 5 name of a famous saint
Kadamba 7 name of a tree
Kailaasa Shikharaavaasee 24 residing over kailaas mountain
Kailaasaadhipati 16 lord of 'kailas' (abode of shiva on a peak of himalayas)
Kailaasnaatha 13 lord of kailas
Kailas 6 abode of lord shiva
Kailashchandra 14 lord shiva
Kairava 7 white lotus, also, a cheat
Kaishika 8 as thin as hair
Kaivalya 8 perfect isolation
Kakudmi 7 a mountain
Kalaachanda 11 a small part of the moon
Kalaadhara 10 one who holds a digit of moon
Kalahmasa 9 swan
Kalash 6 sacred pot
Kalhaara 8 water lily
Kalicharan 10 a devotee of goddess kali
Kalidas 7 a devotee of goddess kali
Kalila 6 mixed, deep
Kalimohan 9 a devotee of goddess kali
Kalinda 7 sun
Kalipada 8 a devotee of goddess kali
Kaliranjan 10 a devotee of goddess kali
Kalita 6 known, understood
Kallinga 8 a bird
Kallola 7 joy
Kallola 7 joy, happiness
Kalpa 5 determination
Kalpa 5 able, competent
Kalpaadi 8 renovation of all things in creation
Kalpaka 7 a rite
Kalpan 6 imagination
Kalpavruksha 12 like 'kalpavruksha', an imaginary tree in heaven which is supposed to satisfy all the desires of a person sitting under it
Kalyaana 8 blessed
Kalyaanadaasa 13 servant of prosperity
Kalyaanagunanaamaa 18 whose name and quality does welfare
Kalyaanaprakrut 15 whose nature is to do welfare
Kalyan 6 welfare
Kamal 5 lotus
Kamalaakara 11 a lake full of lotuses
Kamalakanta 11 lord of the lotus
Kamalakar 9 lord vishnu
Kamalanayana 12 lotus-eyed
Kamalapati 10 lord vishnu
Kamalekshana 12 with beautiful eues like lotus
Kamalesha 9 lord of the lotus
Kamalnayan 10 lotus eyed
Kamandaludhara 14 one holding 'kamandala' i.e. wooden or earthern waterpot of an ascetic
Kamod 5 a raga
Kamraj 6 cupid
Kamran 6 success
Kana 4 an atom
Kanad 5 an ancient philosopher
Kanajara 8 an elephant
Kanak 5 gold
Kanakaneekrutavaasuki 21 wearing 'vasuki' snake as a bracelet
Kanakaprabhu 12 as lustrous as gold
Kanakvaa 8 a small kite
Kanchanlaala 12 son of gold
Kandarpa 8 ccupid
Kandarpa 8 god of love
Kanha 5 lord krishna
Kanhaiya 8 lord krishna
Kanhaiyalal 11 lord krishna
Kanishka 8 name of a king
Kanja 5 brahma, lotus
Kanjaka 7 a bird
Kanjana 7 god of love
Kanka 5 crane, heron
Kantilal 8 lustrous
Kantimoy 8 lustrous
Kanu 4 lord krishna
Kanvar 6 young prince
Kanwal 6 lotus
Kanwalajeet 11 jeet, victory
Kanwaljeet 10 lotus
Kapaalee 8 one who possesses skulls
Kapardi 7 shiva
Kapeendra 9 lord of monkeys
Kapi 4 sun
Kapidhwaja 10 kapi, monkey, dhwaj, flag
Kapil 5 name of a sage
Kapila 6 a great sage; tawny
Kapilashmashru 14 with tawny coloured beard and moustache
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