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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter J

Name Length Meaning
Jaagruti 8 awakening
Jaalandharaa 12 a net, web
Jabeen 6 forehead
Jagadamba 9 mother of the universe
Jagadambaa 10 mother of the world
Jagaritaa 9 awakening
Jagatee 7 the earth
Jagriti 7 vigilance
Jahanara 8 queen of the world
Jaishree 8 honour of victory
Jaisudha 8 nector of victory
Jaiwanti 8 victory
Jalabaalaa 10 child of the water
Jalabaalikaa 12 lightning
Jalabala 8 a river
Jaladhaaraa 11 stream of water
Jalaja 6 lotus
Jalajaa 7 lotus
Jalajaakshi 11 lotus-eyed
Jalaneeli 9 moss
Jalini 6 one who lives in water
Jamini 6 night
Jamuna 6 a holy river
Jamunaa 7 name of a river
Janaki 6 wife of lord rama; sita
Jananee 7 a mother
Janhavi 7 river ganga
Janikaa 7 one who give birth to
Jasoda 6 mother of lord krishna
Jasodhara 9 mother of lord buddha
Jaswantee 9 woman of great renown
Jatilaa 7 lion
Jayaa 5 durga
Jayaadevee 10 goddess of victory
Jayalakshmi 11 the goddess of victory
Jayalalita 10 victorious goddess durga
Jayamala 8 garland of victory
Jayanti 7 parvati
Jayantika 9 goddess durga; parvati
Jayaprada 9 giver of victory
Jayashree 9 the goddess of victory
Jayaswaminee 12 goddess of victory
Jayati 6 victorious
Jayeetaa 8 a successful woman
Jayita 6 victorious
Jeeval 6 full of life
Jeevankala 10 art of life
Jeevanlata 10 creeper of life
Jeevanteeka 11 a flower
Jetashri 8 a raga
Jhaanavikaa 11 name of ganges
Jhankaarinee 12 murmur
Jharna 6 a stream
Jharnaa 7 brook
Jheel 5 lake
Jhilmil 7 sparkling
Jhinuk 6 oyster
Jigishaa 8 one who desires to conquer
Jigya 5 curiosity to know
Jivyaa 6 means of livelihood
Jnanadaa 8 one who gives supreme knowledge
Jnapti 6 intelligence
Jowaki 6 a firefly
Juhi 4 a flower
Jui 3 a flower
Juily 5 a flower
Jwaalaa 7 flame
Jyeshtlaa 9 eldest sister
Jyoti 5 flame, brightness
Jyotibala 9 splendour
Jyotika 7 light; a flame
Jyotikaa 8 a kind of flower
Jyotirmoyee 11 lustrous
Jyotishmati 11 lustroous
Jyotishmati 11 luminous
Jyotsanaa 9 moonlight
Jyotsanaalataa 14 moonlight creeper
Jyotsna 7 moonlight
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