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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter R

Name Length Meaning
Raadhaa 7 prosperity
Raadhikaa 9 raadhaa
Raaga 5 a musical note
Raajadulaaree 13 a princess
Raajakumari 11 a princess
Raajanvatee 11 the earth, governed by a good king
Raajyashree 11 prosperity of a king
Raajyavatee 11 one who owns a kingdom
Raakhi 6 symbol of protection ; full moon in the month of sravan
Raanee 6 queen
Raatri 6 night
Rabia 5 famous; godly
Rachanaa 8 arrangement
Rachita 7 created
Rachna 6 creation
Radha 5 beloved of lord krishna
Radhika 7 radha
Radhika 7 Successful
Ragini 6 a melody
Rajalakshmi 11 goddess lakshmi
Rajanee 7 night
Rajani 6 night
Rajanigandha 12 a flower
Rajata 6 sovereignty
Rajdulari 9 dear princess
Rajeshwari 10 goddess parvati
Rajhans 7 swan
Rajkumari 9 princess
Rajnandini 10 princess
Rajshri 7 royalty's lustre
Raka 4 full moon
Raksha 6 protection
Rama 4 goddess lakshmi
Ramaa 5 beautiful
Ramanaa 7 beautiful
Ramanakaantaa 13 charming
Ramanee 7 beautiful
Ramani 6 woman
Ramanikaa 9 handsome
Rambha 6 celestial dancer
Ramita 6 pleasing
Ramitaa 7 omnipresent
Ramonaa 7 protector
Ramya 5 beautiful
Ramyaa 6 pleasing woman
Rangana 7 one who gives pleasure
Ranganaa 8 ranga, colour
Rangati 7 a classical melody
Rani 4 queen
Ranita 6 tinkling
Ranjana 7 delightful
Ranjanaa 8 pleasing, delighting
Ranjeekaa 9 one of the shrutis
Ranjini 7 pleasing
Ranjita 7 adorned
Ranjitaa 8 to fall in love with
Rasajnaa 8 knowledgeable about different arts
Rashi 5 collection
Rashmi 6 sunlight
Rashmika 8 ray of light
Rashmikaa 9 a tiny ray of light
Rasika 6 connoisseur
Rasna 5 the tongue
Rati 4 consort of cupid
Ratna 5 precious stone
Ratnaangee 10 jewelled limbs
Ratnaavalee 11 necklace of jewels
Ratnabala 9 jwelled
Ratnabali 9 string of pearls
Ratnajyoti 10 lustrous jewel
Ratnalekha 10 splendour of jewels
Ratnali 7 a jewelled necklace
Ratnamaalaa 11 a string of precious stones
Ratnamala 9 string of pearls
Ratnangi 8 jewel-bodied
Ratnaprabha 11 lustrous jewel
Ratnaprabhaa 12 lustre of jewels
Ratnapriya 10 lover of jewels
Ravibaalaa 10 daughter of the sun
Ravijaa 7 born of the sun
Raviprabha 10 light of the sun
Rekha 5 line; artwork
Rekhaa 6 a line, a streak
Renu 4 atom
Renuka 6 the mother of parasuram, the sixth incarnation of lord vishnu
Resham 6 silk
Reshma 6 silken
Reshmi 6 silken
Reva 4 a star
Revatee 7 prosperity
Revati 6 a star
Riddhi 6 good fortune
Riddi 5 prosperity, success
Riju 4 innocent
Rijuta 6 innocence
Rijuta 6 straightness
Rishika 7 saintly
Rishikulyaa 11 virtuous
Riti 4 memory; well being
Ritikaa 7 moving, flowing
Ritu 4 season
Rochanaa 8 splendid, beautiful
Rochanee 8 beautiful
Rochiraa 8 light, glow
Rochishaa 9 light, brightness
Rohini 6 a star
Rokshadaa 9 possessing light
Roma 4 lakshmi
Romaa 5 a hairy woman
Romaharsha 10 bristling of the hair in delight
Roopa 5 shape, one who is beautiful
Roopakoshaa 11 treasure of beauty
Roopalekhaa 11 streak of beauty
Rooparashmi 11 rays of beauty
Roshni 6 brightness
Rubaina 7 bright
Rucchiraa 9 handsome, shining
Ruchaa 6 light, lustre
Ruchi 5 beautiful, attractive
Ruchi 5 one who has light, splendour
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