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Name for Nakshatra Rohini - Nakshatra Birth Star Rohini

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Airaawata 9 Boy proceeding from water
Aishani 7 Girl goddess durga
Aishwarya 9 Girl wealth
Aishwaryaa 10 Girl prosperity
Aishwaryajanmamrityujaraatiga 29 Boy one who is without birth, death or old age because of divinity
Occhav 6 Boy festive occasion
Ogaan 5 Boy wave
Oja 3 Boy brightness
Ojal 4 Girl vision
Ojas 4 Boy lustre
Ojas 4 Boy bodily strength
Ojastejodhyutidhara 19 Boy one who holds light
Ojastejodhyutidhara 19 Boy one who is brilliant with power and valour
Ojasvee 7 Boy possessing force of own soul or possessing valour, vitality, lustre
Ojasvini 8 Girl an elaborate style
Ojasvitaa 9 Girl personality
Ojaswini 8 Girl lustreous
Om 2 Boy the sacred syllable
Om 2 Boy a word of solemn invocation, affirmation, benediction and consent
Omana 5 Girl a woman
Omananda 8 Boy joy of om
Omar 4 Boy an era
Omja 4 Boy born of cosmic unity
Omkar 5 Boy the sound of the sacred syllable
Omprakaasha 11 Boy light of om
Omprakash 9 Boy light of god
Omrao, Umrao 13 Boy king
Omswaroop 9 Boy manifestation of divinity
Oshadhi 7 Girl a medicinal plant or drug
Osman, Usman 13 Boy slave of god
Oudichya 8 Boy living or being in the north
Vaachaspati 11 Boy lord of speech
Vaachaspati 11 Boy the lord of speech
Vaachyaa 8 Girl expressed
Vaagesha 8 Boy lord of speech
Vaageshwaree 12 Girl goddess of speech
Vaagheshwaree 13 Girl goddess who rides on a tiger
Vaagmee 7 Boy the lord of speech
Vaagminee 9 Girl skilful in speech
Vaagminn 8 Boy skilful in speech
Vaak 4 Girl speech
Vaakpati 8 Boy eloquent
Vaalakhilya 11 Boy like sage named 'vaalakhilya'
Vaalmieeki 10 Boy from nalmika an ant-hill
Vaamaa 6 Girl beautiful
Vaamaakshee 11 Girl having beautiful eyes
Vaamadeva 9 Boy beautiful looking god
Vaamana 7 Boy short in stature
Vaamana 7 Boy dwarf
Vaanee 6 Girl sound, speech
Vaangamati 10 Girl intelligent in speech
Vaaraaha Shrungadhrukashrungee 30 Boy one who has the horns of boar
Vaaruna 7 Boy name of god
Vaasantee 9 Girl youthful
Vaasavaanuja 12 Boy indra's younger brother upendra
Vaasu 5 Boy wealth
Vaasudeva 9 Boy one who resides in all
Vaayu 5 Boy wind
Vaayu 5 Boy god of victory
Vaayuvaahana 12 Boy carrier of wind
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