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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter G

Name Length Meaning
Gaandhaara 10 third note on the indian musical scale
Gabhastinemi 12 having brilliant circumference
Gabheera 8 serious
Gabheeraatmaa 13 immeasurable soul
Gadaadhara 10 one who holds the mace
Gadaadhara 10 one who holds the club
Gadaagraja 10 one who is ahead of words i.e. light
Gagana 6 sky, heaven
Gaganaghosha 12 thunder
Gaganakundaabha 15 like the flower by the name of gaganakunda
Gaganaviharee 13 one who resides in the heavens
Gahan 5 deep, mysterious, incomprehenssible
Gahana 6 incomprehensible
Gahana 6 one who has the strength of an elephant
Gajaanana 9 one who has the face of an elephant
Gajadhara 9 one who can handle an elephant
Gajapati 8 lord, master
Gajavadana 10 one who has the face of an elephant
Gajendra 8 lord of the elephants
Gamatee 7 jolly, gay
Gambheera 9 serious, considerate
Gambheera 9 serious, solemn
Ganadhara 9 chief of a group
Ganaka 6 an astrologer
Ganakaaya 9 principal of the group
Gananaatha 10 group, clan
Ganaraaja 9 lord of the clan
Ganbhira 8 dignified
Gandhaakshata 13 sandalwood paste and rice used in worship
Gandhamadana 12 a large black bee
Gandharva 9 a celestial musician
Ganeshwara 10 leader of the group
Gangaadhara 11 shiva
Gangaaplavodaka 15 one who holds the flow of river ganges
Gangadatta 10 gift of the gangas
Gangala 7 a precious stone
Gangodaka 9 water of ganges
Garjana 7 loud cry
Garuda 6 the king of birds
Garudadhwaja 12 flag with the symbol of eagle
Gatisattama 11 the best movement
Gauraanga 9 fair complexioned
Gaurava 7 pride, respect
Gaureebhartaa 13 husband of gauree, paarvati
Gaveshaka 9 researcher
Gayan 5 sky
Gayand 6 elephant
Gayatrivallabha 15 one who likes the sacred verse of gayatri
Geeta 5 a song
Ghanashyaama 12 black as a cloud
Ghataja 7 born from a pot
Ghrutaashee 11 one who eats 'ghee' which is a symbol of fragrance and brightness
Gireesha 8 lord of mountains
Giri 4 mountain
Giridhara 9 one who holds up the mountain
Girijaadhava 12 husband of paarvati
Girijaanatha 12 lord of girijaa
Girijaaprasada 14 girijaa's blessings
Girijaasuta 11 son of girija
Girijaavallabha 15 lord of girijaa
Girijaavara 11 lord of girijaa
Girilala 8 son of the mountain
Giriraja 8 king of mountains
Girirata 8 one who plays on the mountain
Girjaapati 10 lord of girijaa
Girvaana 8 language of gods
Gnaanagamya 11 one who can be achieved through knowledge
Gnaanamorti 11 full of knowledge
Gnaanamuttamam 14 best form of knowledge
Gnaanaskando Mahaaneeti 23 knowledge is whosse great conduct
Gnaanavaan 10 knowledgeable
Gnnaanagamya 12 that which can be achieved through knowledge
Gobinda 7 cowherd
Gohita 6 welfare of the senses
Gokarna 7 cow's ear
Gokula 6 herd of cows
Golakhnaatha 12 master of the globe
Gomaan 6 rich in herds
Gomateshwara 12 a kind of gem
Gomukha 7 mouth of a cow
Gopaala 7 cowherd
Gopaladaasa 11 servant of gopaala
Gopana 6 protection
Gopati 6 protector of earth
Gopati 6 lord of senses, speech and earth
Goptaa 6 guardian
Goptaa 6 protector
Goptaa 6 the protector
Gorakhanaatha 13 one who has control over his senses
Gorambh 7 sky with dark clouds
Goshaalaka 10 master of the cow stable
Goshpa 6 step of a cow
Goteeta 7 one that is beyond cognition of the senses
Govinda 7 keeper of cows
Govinda 7 name of krishna, hence, like krishna
Govinda 7 one who knows the senses, earth, brahman vidya and is protector of cows
Govindaanpati 13 lord of those who know speech and other senses
Graamanee 9 who leads the five elements
Grahesha 8 lord of the planets
Granthika 9 astrologer
Grathal 7 amazement
Greeshma 8 like greeshma season, summer
Gruhapati 9 a sacrificer who maintains the sacred and perpetual fire
Gruheet 7 that which is understood
Guha 4 an epithet of kaartieya, vishnu and shiva
Guha 4 remaining secretly
Guhya 5 secret
Gunaadhya 9 rich in virtues
Gunaakara 9 endowed with all virtues
Gunabhrut 9 one who holds all the three 'guna' - satva, rajas, and tamas
Gunadhara 9 one who has character
Gunagraahaee 12 one who appreciates virtues
Gunakara 8 treasure f virtue
Gunanidhi 9 a treasurehouse of virtues
Gunaratna 9 a jewel of virtue
Gunee 5 one who is virtuous
Gunidatta 9 given by a virtuous man
Gunjaka 7 resonance
Gunjana 7 one who knows how to admire virtues
Gunottoma 9 with best virtue
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