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Baby boy names starting with letter R

Name Length Meaning
Raaja 5 king
Raajaamsaa 10 a flamingo
Raajakumaara 12 prince
Raajavilochana 14 one having beautiful eyes
Raajeeva 8 a blue lotus
Raajyavardhana 14 one who increases the prosperity of a kingdom
Raakesha 8 lord of the night
Raakhaala 9 derived from raksha to save, protect
Raama 5 pleasing, charming
Raamakumaar 11 kumaara, boy, youth
Raamamohana 11 literally, delight of raama
Raamaprasaada 13 blessings of rama
Radhakanta 10 lord krishna
Radhakrishna 12 radha and lord krishna
Radhavallabh 12 lord krishna (beloved of radha)
Radheya 7 karna
Radheyshyam 11 lord krishna
Rafat 5 elevation
Raghav 6 lord rama
Raghavendra 11 lord rama
Raghu 5 the family of lord rama
Raghunandan 11 lord rama
Raghunath 9 lord rama
Raghupati 9 lord rama
Raghuvir 8 lord rama
Rahas 5 secret
Raheem 6 merciful
Rahman 6 merciful
Rahul 5 son of lord buddha
Raj 3 kingdom
Raja 4 king
Rajam 5 goddess lakshmi
Rajan 5 king
Rajaneekaanta 13 lord of the night
Rajanijanaka 12 the creator of a dreadful night when world was destructed or pitchdark night
Rajarshi 8 sagelike king
Rajas 5 mastery; faame; pride
Rajat 5 silver
Rajatshubhra 12 white as silver
Rajeevalochan 13 lotus-eyed
Rajendra 8 king
Rajendrakumar 13 king
Rajendramohan 13 king
Rajesh 6 king
Rajit 5 decorated
Rajiv 5 lotus
Rajivlochan 11 lord vishnu
Rajivnayan 10 lord vishnu
Rajnikanta 10 moon
Rajrishi 8 sagelike king
Rajyeshwar 10 king
Rakesh 6 the moon
Rakshana 8 protection
Ram 3 lord rama; one who pleases
Ramachhoda 10 one who leaves the field
Ramakanta 9 lord vishnu
Raman 5 cupid
Ramana 6 beloved, pleasing
Ramanika 8 handsome
Ramanimohana 12 one who charms a beautiful woman
Ramanujaa 9 lord krishna
Ramashray 9 lord vishnu; protected by rama
Ramavatar 9 lord rama
Ramaveera 9 hero of the battle
Ramchandra 10 lord rama
Ramesh 6 lord vishnu
Rameshwar 9 lord shiva
Ramita 6 omnipresent
Ramkishore 10 lord rama
Ramkrishna 10 lord raama and lord krishna
Ramkumar 8 lord rama
Rammohan 8 lord rama
Ramnath 7 lord rama
Ramprasad 9 lord rama
Rampratap 9 lord rama
Ramratan 8 lord rama
Ramswaroop 10 lord rama
Ranajay 7 victorious
Ranajit 7 victorious
Ranapriya 9 one who loves battlefield
Randhir 7 brave
Rangabihaaree 13 one who plays with colours
Rangan 6 a flower
Rangnath 8 lord vishnu
Ranjan 6 entertaining
Ranjana 7 pleasing, delighting
Ranjeeta 8 victorioous on the battlefield
Ranjit 6 victorius
Rasada 6 one who knows pleasure
Rasagna 7 one who knows pleasure, delight
Rasapriya 9 one who is fond of pleasure, love, charm
Rasbihari 9 lord krishna
Rasesh 6 lord krishna
Rasesha 7 lord of taste (rasa-taste)
Rashanaa 8 woman's girdle
Rashmikaanta 12 lord of the ray
Rashmikety 10 one who has a banner of rays
Rashmil 7 silken
Rashmimohana 12 one who delights in the early morning's sun's ray
Rasik 5 connoisseur
Rasika 6 one who appreciates excellence or beauty
Rasraj 6 mercury
Rasul 5 angel
Ratan 5 precious stone
Rathaangapaani 14 one who holds the wheel of chariot
Rathin 6 warrior
Rathin 6 celestial charioteer
Rathindra 9 king of warriors
Ratiramana 10 god of love
Ratnaakaras 11 mine of jewels
Ratnagarbha 11 heart is brilliant like jewel
Ratnakar 8 ocean
Ratnam 6 a precious stone, a jewel
Ratnamani 9 precious stone
Ratnanabha 10 lord vishnu
Ratnapriyaa 11 one born of precious stones
Ratul 5 sweet
Ravi 4 sun
Ravi 4 a particular aspect of the sun
Ravi 4 sun
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