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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter V

Name Length Meaning
Vaachaspati 11 lord of speech
Vaachaspati 11 the lord of speech
Vaagesha 8 lord of speech
Vaagmee 7 the lord of speech
Vaagminn 8 skilful in speech
Vaakpati 8 eloquent
Vaalakhilya 11 like sage named 'vaalakhilya'
Vaalmieeki 10 from nalmika an ant-hill
Vaamadeva 9 beautiful looking god
Vaamana 7 short in stature
Vaamana 7 dwarf
Vaaraaha Shrungadhrukashrungee 30 one who has the horns of boar
Vaaruna 7 name of god
Vaasavaanuja 12 indra's younger brother upendra
Vaasu 5 wealth
Vaasudeva 9 one who resides in all
Vaayu 5 wind
Vaayu 5 god of victory
Vaayuvaahana 12 carrier of wind
Vaayuvaahana 12 one who drives wind
Vacchan 7 speech
Vachaspati 10 lord of all the knowledge
Vageesha 8 an orator
Vahni 5 a god
Vaibhav 7 riches
Vaibhava 8 one who is rich in himself
Vaidya 6 has all types of knowledge
Vaidyanaatha 12 scholar
Vaihaayaas 10 aerial
Vaijnath 8 lord shiva
Vaikhaana 9 one who digs in a special manner
Vaikuntha 9 heavenly abode of vishnu / paradise
Vaikuntha 9 holy basil
Vairanchya 10 like the son of brahmaa
Vaishwaanara 12 omnipresent
Vaiyaghradhurya 15 one who wears the skin of tiger
Vajra 5 lord krishna's greatgrandson; diamond
Vajraanga 9 diamond-bodied
Vajradhar 9 lord indra
Vajrahasta 10 having lightning in hand like indra
Vajramani 9 a diamond
Valaaka 7 a crane
Vallabh 7 beloved
Vallabha 8 beloved, dear
Vallabhadaas 12 literally, dear servant
Valmiki, Valmik 16 the author of the epic ramayana
Vaman 5 fifth incarnation of lord vishnu
Vanajit 7 lord of the forest
Vanamaalee 10 one who wears 'vaijayanti' garland
Vanaraaja 9 king of the jungle; the lion
Vandana 7 salutation
Vanshavardhana 14 who expands 'vansha' family
Vanshidhara 11 a flute-player
Varaanga 8 best body
Varaanga 8 with beautiful body
Varaaroha 9 having highest status
Varada 6 gives bleesings
Varada 6 one who gives blessings
Varadaraaja 11 bestower of boons
Varaguna 8 with best virtue
Varasheela 10 one who has best character
Vardhamaana 11 who has prospered
Vardhaman 9 lord mahavir
Vardhana 8 giver of property
Vareeyans 9 most excellent
Varesha 7 best god
Varij 5 lotus
Varindra 8 lord of the ocean
Varnaashramaguru 16 teacher of castes and 'ashramas'
Varun 5 presiding deity of water; planet neptune
Varun 5 lord of the sea
Vasant 6 spring
Vasanta 7 spring
Vasantakumaara 14 youth
Vasanto Madhava 15 like the splendour of spring season
Vashatkaara 11 one who is offered sacrifice
Vasishtha 9 like the celebrated saga 'vasishtha'
Vasistha 8 name of a sage
Vasu 4 one who dwells in all
Vasu 4 wealthy, good
Vasuda 6 giver of 'saatvik' revelation
Vasudev 7 father of lord krishna
Vasudhaamaa 11 place of wealth
Vasumanaa 9 with a rich heart
Vasumat 7 wealthy, rich
Vasuprada 9 giver of pure lustre
Vasuprada 9 one who gives wealth
Vasuretaa 9 one with golden fire
Vasuretaa 9 shining like gold
Vasushravaa 11 like hearing sweet things
Vasushree 9 beauty of wealth
Vasuttama 9 grand wealth
Vatsal 6 affectionate
Vatsalaa 8 dear
Vatsara 7 a year
Vaya 4 a weaver
Ved 3 a sacred text
Veda 4 a kind of holy scripture
Veda 4 sacred knowledge
Veda Vinmuni 12 sage who knows vedas
Vedaanga 8 part of veda
Vedaanga 8 a part of the vedas
Vedaanga 8 'veda' is a part of him
Vedaanta Sandoha 16 one who knows the meaning, gist of vedaantaas
Vedakara 8 creator of vedas
Vedanga 7 meaning of vedas
Vedashaastraarthatatvagna 25 one who knows the deep meaning of veda and shaastraas
Vedavit 7 who knows 'vedas'
Vedha Vidhaataa 15 creator of universe, organiser of universe and supporter of universe
Vedhaa 6 creator of the universe
Vedmohan 8 lord krisshna
Vedprakash 10 light of the vedas
Vedya 5 worth knowing
Vedya 5 worth knowing
Veera 5 powerful
Veera 5 hero
Veera 5 hero
Veeraasana Vidhi 16 one who brings conduct on battlefield
Veerabaahu 10 with heroic arms
Veerabhadra 11 name of a powerful hero created by shiva from his matted hair
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