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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby girl names starting with letter M

Name Length Meaning
Manishikaa 10 mind's desire
Manjaa 6 cluster fo blossoms
Manjaree 8 sprout, spring
Manjari 7 the secred basil; blossom
Manjarikaa 10 small flower bud
Manjikaa 8 a courtesan
Manjira 7 ankle-bells
Manjistha 9 extremely beautiful
Manju 5 sweet
Manjubala 9 a sweet girl
Manjubhasa 10 goddess saraswati
Manjughoshaa 12 one who recieves a guest with sweet acclamation
Manjukeshee 11 one with beautiful hair
Manjula 7 sweet
Manjulaa 8 lovely, beautiful
Manjulakshmee 13 queen of beauty
Manjulika 9 a sweet girl
Manjusha 8 treasure chest
Manjushaa 9 a trunk or box
Manjushri 9 sweet lustre
Manjyot 7 light of the mind
Manmayi 7 jealous; sri radha
Manorama 8 beautiful
Manoramaa 9 beautiful
Manorathaa 10 desire, wish
Manoritaa 9 beauty
Mantranaa 9 consultation
Maraali 7 swan
Maraalikaa 10 small swan
Marichi 7 name of a star
Matsyagandhaa 13 one who smells like fish
Maulikaa 8 original
Maushmi 7 monsoon wind
Maya 4 illusion
Mayanaa 7 paarvatee
Mayuraa/Mayurikaa 18 peahen
Mayuree 7 peahen
Mayuri 6 peahen
Medha 5 intellect; goddess saraswati
Medhaa 6 victorious through the intellect
Medhaarthee 11 wise
Medhaavini 10 one who is wise
Medhikaa 8 the henna bush
Medinee 7 earth
Medini 6 the earth
Meena 5 precious blue stone
Meenaa 6 fish
Meenakshee 10 one who is fish-eyed
Meenakshi 9 a woman with beautiful eyes
Meera 5 a saintly woman
Meeraa 6 one who is circumscribed
Megha 5 rains i.e. one who is like rainy season
Meghal 6 cloud
Meghamaalaa 11 garland of clouds
Meghamala 9 array of clouds
Meghana 7 cloud
Megharanjani 12 glory of the clouds
Mehaa 5 rain
Mehal 5 cloud
Mehbooba 8 beloved
Meher 5 benevolence
Mehrunissa 10 benevolent
Mehul 5 cloud; rain
Mehulaa 7 rain
Mekhala 7 griddle
Mena 4 wife of the himalayas
Menaka 6 a celestial dancer
Mihikaa 7 dew, mist
Milana 6 meeting, getting together
Milonee 7 meeting, getting together
Minal 5 a precious stone
Minati 6 prayer
Miraata 7 mirror
Mirium 6 wished for child
Mita 4 a friend
Mitali 6 friendship
Mitraa 6 sun
Mitravindaa 11 one who gets friends
Mitravrindaa 12 a woman who has many friends
Mitulaa 7 limited
Mohaangee 9 one who has an attractive figure
Mohana 6 attractive
Mohanna 7 one who attracts
Mohini 6 one who fascinates
Mohini 6 enchantress
Mohitaa 7 one who is ensnared in illusion
Monaa 5 single, alone
Monal 5 a bird
Monissha 8 higher intelligence
Mridula 7 soft
Mriganayani 11 doe-eyed
Mrinaalikaa 11 lotus stalk v
Mrinaalinee 11 doe-eyed
Mrinal 6 lotus
Mrinali 7 lotus
Mrinali 7 lotus stalk
Mrinalini 9 lotus
Mrinmayi 8 of the earth
Mruda 5 one who gives happiness
Mrudaanee 9 paarvatee
Mrudulaa 8 delicate woman
Mrugaa 6 doe
Mrugaakshee 11 doe-eyed
Mrugalochanaa 13 doe-eyed
Mruganayani 11 doe-eyed
Mrunaalavatee/Mrinalavatee 27 like a lotus
Mrunaalee 9 lotus stalk
Mrunalikaa 10 lotus stalk
Muditaa 7 one who is pleased
Muditaa 7 unopened
Mudra 5 expression
Mudraa 6 a seal
Mudrika 7 ring
Mudrikaa 8 a seal, ring
Mugdha 6 spellbound
Mugdhaa 7 attractive
Mukesha 7 lord of the dumb
Mukta 5 liberated; pearl
Muktaa 6 a free soul, pearl
Muktaavali 10 a necklace of pearls
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