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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter M

Name Length Meaning
Mahendra 8 lord vishnu
Mahesh 6 lord shiva
Mahesha 7 name of shiva
Maheshwaasa 11 with big bow
Maheshwar 9 lord shiva
Maheshwara 10 great god
Mahhaaksha 10 great seer
Mahin 5 kingly
Mahindra 8 a king
Mahipal 7 a king
Mahish 6 a king
Mahmud 6 the prophet of islam
Mahoraga 8 great serpent
Mahotsaaha 10 one with great enthusiasm
Mahotsaaha 10 very enthusiastic
Mahoushadhi 11 panacca, sovereign remedy
Mahtab 6 the moon
Mahudadhishaya 14 one who has slept in the ocean
Mainak 6 a mountain; a himalayan peak
Maitreya 8 friend
Maitripal 9 protector of friendship
Makarand 8 a honeybee
Makaranda 9 the bee
Malay 5 a mountain
Malaya 6 the garden of indra
Malayagiri 10 the malaya mountain
Malhar 6 a raga
Manahaara 9 a charmer
Manana 6 meditation
Manaprasaada 12 one who is mentally calm
Manas 5 mind
Manasi 6 born of the mind
Manaskaanta 11 dear to the mind
Manasukha 9 happiness of the mind
Manatosha 9 total satisfaction of the mind
Manav 5 man
Manavendra 10 a king
Mandaara 8 flower
Mandar 6 a celestial tree
Mandeep 7 light of the mind
Manendra 8 king of the mind
Mangal 6 auspicious
Mangala 7 prosperous
Mangalamparam 13 the most auspicious
Mangesh 7 lord shiva
Mani 4 a jewel
Manibhadra 10 seccure as a jewel
Manibhushan 11 supreme gem
Manik 5 ruby
Manikantha 10 the blue jay
Manilaala 9 a jewel of a son
Manindra 8 lord of mind
Manindra 8 diamond
Manipoora 9 one who fulfils the wishes by giving precioous stone
Maniraama 9 a jewel of a man
Manish 6 intellect
Manishankar 11 lord shiva
Manishankara 12 shiva
Manishi 7 wise, learned
Manishina 9 an intelligent man
Manjeet 7 conqueror of the mind
Manjubhash 10 one whose speech is pleasing
Manjula 7 handsome
Manmatha 8 cupid
Manmatha 8 god of love
Manmohan 8 pleasing
Manobhaava 10 one who exists in the mind
Manobhirama 11 one with a pleasing mind
Manobuddhi 10 like mind and intelligence
Manohar 7 beautiful; captivating
Manohara 8 one who wins over the mind
Manohara 8 one who wins the heart
Manoj 5 born of the mind
Manojava 8 as speedy as mind
Manojova 8 as speedy as the wind
Manoranjan 10 pleasing
Manoranjana 11 one who pleases the mind
Manoratha 9 desire, wish
Manotosh 8 satisfaction of the king
Mansukh 7 pleasing
Mantra 6 spell; charm
Manu 4 to think
Manu 4 original man
Manu 4 founder father of human beings
Mardav 6 softness
Mareecchi 9 one who is brilliant
Mareechi 8 ray of light
Markandeya 10 a devotee of lord shiva
Martanda 8 the sun
Marut 5 the wind
Marut 5 wind
Marutapati 10 king of the winds
Maruti 6 lord hanuman
Matsyendra 10 king of fishes
Maulika 7 original
Maulina 7 original, best
Mayanka 7 moon
Mayanka 7 the moon
Mayukha 7 peacock
Mayur 5 peacock
Mayura 6 illusion
Mayura 6 peacock
Medhaaji 8 victorious through the intellect
Medhaavan 9 one who is wise
Medhaavee 9 very intelligent, learned
Medhaja 7 one who has emerged from yagna
Medhas 6 retentive faculty
Medinepati 10 lord of the earth
Megh 4 cloud
Megha 5 a star
Meghabhooti 11 lightning
Meghadatta 10 gift of the clouds
Meghanaada 10 thunder
Meghasandhi 11 union with clouds
Meghashyaama 12 black like a cloud
Meghashyam 10 lord krishna
Meghavarna 10 dark as a cloud
Mehboob 7 beloved
Mehdi 5 a flower
Mehmood 7 the prophet of islam
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