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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter J

Name Length Meaning
Jigisha 7 one who desires to conquer
Jignesh 7 curious to research
Jignyassu 9 one who thirsts for knowledge
Jihan 5 the wirld
Jinabhadra 10 bhadra, happy, good
Jinendra 8 lord of life
Jishnu 6 triumphant
Jishnu 6 arjuna
Jitaamitra 10 winner of enemies
Jitakaama 9 one who has achieved victory over passions, cupid
Jitakrudha 10 one who wins anger
Jitavrata 9 one who has kept his vow
Jitendra 8 lord of conquerors
Jitendra 8 conqueror of india
Jivaraaja 9 lord of life
Jivitesh 8 god
Jnaanaagni 10 knowledge as illuminaating as fire
Jnaanadeepa 11 light of knowledge
Jnaanadhan 10 wealth of knowledge
Jnaanamaya 10 full of knowledge
Jnaaneshwaara 13 the wisest
Jnanemaya 9 full of wisdom
Jneya 5 god
Jnyaana 7 understanding
Jnyaanaprakaasha 16 light of knowledge
Jnyaapaka 9 a teacher
Jnyanamurti 11 one who is the embodiment of knowledge
Jogindra, Joginder 19 lord shiva
Jograj 6 lord krishna
Jugalakishora 13 jugal, a pair, kishora, a child
Jusal 5 pair
Jushya 6 worth serving, worshipping
Jwalanta 8 shining
Jwalaprasad 11 gift of fire
Jyeshtha 8 eldest
Jyoti 5 light
Jyotichandra 12 splendour
Jyotindra 9 lord of light
Jyotiprakash 12 splendour of the flame
Jyotiraaditya 13 brilliant as the sun
Jyotiranjan 11 joyous flame
Jyotirdhar 10 holder of the flame
Jyotirganeshwara 16 lord of planets
Jyotirmaya 10 lustrous, brilliant
Jyotirmaya 10 starry
Jyotirmoy 9 lustrous
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