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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter B

Name Length Meaning
Bhagawaana 10 divinity, overlordship
Bhagawaana 10 overlordship, possessing opulence
Bhagirath 9 the king who brought the celestial ganga to the earth
Bhagovivasvaanaadityo 21 who is like sun
Bhagvaticharana 15 at the feet of the goddess
Bhagvatiprasada 15 gift of the goddess
Bhagwant 8 fortunate
Bhagyaraj 9 lord of luck
Bhairav 7 lord shiva
Bhajan 6 adoration
Bhakikaaya 10 devotion personified
Bhaktalokadhruk 15 who holds the group of devotees
Bhaktavatsala 13 shows affection to devotees
Bhanu 5 the sun
Bhanudas 8 a devotee of the sun
Bhanuprasada 12 gift of the sun
Bhanushankara 13 name of shiva
Bharadwaaja 11 a lucky bird
Bharadwaj 9 a sage; a mythical bird
Bharani 7 constellation
Bharat 6 son of shakuntala and founder of bharat or india
Bharata 7 universal monarch
Bhargava 8 lord shiva
Bhartaa 7 one who takes care of every need
Bhaskar 7 the sun
Bhasmaanka 10 one who has ashes as his symbol, shiva
Bhasmanga 9 one who smears his body with ashes
Bhasmapriyao Bhasmashaayee 26 who loves ashes and sleeps on ashes
Bhasmashuddhikara 17 purifies with ashes
Bhasmodhullita Vigraha 22 who has ashes all over the body
Bhauma 6 belonging to the earth
Bhaumik 7 attached to the earth
Bhaumika 8 one who exists on earth
Bhava 5 a name for shiva
Bhavabhuti 10 ashes of shiva
Bhavadatta 10 given by shiva
Bhavajna 8 one who has knowlwdge of the world
Bhavanaga 9 serpent of shiva
Bhavesha 8 lord of the world, name of shiva
Bhavya 6 good-featured
Bhavya 6 the best
Bhayaapaha 10 destroyer of fear
Bhayakrut 9 creats fear
Bhayanaashana 13 destroyer of fear
Bheema 6 who creats fear
Bheema 6 fearful
Bheemaparaakrama 16 one who has terrific power
Bheshajam 9 medicine
Bhima 5 fierce, formidable
Bhima Paraakrama 16 with formidable acts
Bhishak 7 like a physician
Bhishak 7 doctor
Bhishma 7 one who has taken a terrible vow
Bhojanam 8 that which is enjoyed, wealth
Bhojanam 8 meals
Bhoktaa 7 one who enjoys experiences
Bhoktaa 7 who enjoys/endures/experiences
Bholanaatha 11 name of shiva
Bhoobhurva 10 sovereign
Bhoobhurvo Laxmi 16 one who adorn the earth and heaven
Bhoodeva 8 god on earth or brahmin
Bhoogorbha 10 the spirit/soul/residing in earth
Bhoomaananda 12 joy of the earth
Bhoominjaya 11 one who wins the world
Bhoopata 8 lord of the earth
Bhoopati 8 lord of earth
Bhoopen 7 king
Bhoopendra 10 king of kings
Bhooridakshina 14 great philanthropist
Bhooshan 8 decoration
Bhooshana 9 an ornament
Bhooshana 9 decoration/ornament
Bhooshana 9 ornament
Bhooshaya 9 who sleeps on floor
Bhooshaya 9 sleeping on the floor
Bhoosit 7 decorated
Bhoota Bhavya Bhavonaatha 25 lord of past, present and future
Bhootaadi 9 the supreme spirit
Bhootaatmaa 11 one whose soul is purified
Bhootaavaasa 12 residing in all animals
Bhootabhaavana 14 produces & expands every life
Bhootabhaavana 14 increasing, expanding the number of lives
Bhootabhavyabhavat Prabhu 25 lord of past, present and future
Bhootakrut 10 creator of every creature
Bhootamaheshwara 16 lord of all animals
Bhootapaala 11 protector of everyone
Bhootasatyaparaayana 20 supporter of the living beings
Bhootavaahana 13 carrier of every being
Bhooti 6 who was materialistic wealth
Bhootinaashana 14 destroyer of enemy's property
Bhraajishnu 11 lustrous
Bhraajishnu 11 shining, bright, resplendent
Bhramara 8 bee
Bhrutkrut 9 one who looks after every life
Bhrutyamarkataroopadhruk 24 becoming a servant in the form of hanuman
Bhujagottama 12 best snake/ ananta sheshanaaga
Bhupindar 9 The King Of Kings
Bhuvana 7 any one of three worlds
Bhuvanesha 10 lord of the world
Bhuvnesh 8 the lord of the world (vishnu)
Bibek 5 conscience
Bibhas 6 a raga
Bibhavasu 9 the sun; fire
Bikram 6 prowess
Bilva 5 a sacred leaf
Bilvamangala 12 lucky
Bimal 5 pure
Bimbisaara 10 a king of the gupta dynasty
Bindu Sanshraya 15 in form of 'om'
Bindusaara 10 an excellent pearl
Binoda 6 one who is amusing
Bipinchandra 12 moon of the forest
Biraaja 7 to shine
Birbala 7 strength of the victorious
Birendra 8 king of the courageous
Bisvajeeta 10 conqurer of the world
Bitasok 7 one who does not mourn
Bodhan 6 kindling
Bodhisattva 11 lord buddha
Boudhayan 9 the name of a sage
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