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Baby Names Suggestion and Meanings

Baby boy names starting with letter A

Name Length Meaning
Abhinava 8 quite new
Abhinaya 8 acting, dramatic performance, professonal actor
Abhinila 8 intensely blue or dark blue (attribution to buddha)
Abhinivesh 10 application, intentness, affection, devotion, determination
Abhinn 6 identical, not different, close
Abhipaal 8 protector (from mahabharata)
Abhipraaya 10 intention/wish/desire/opinion belief
Abhiprayah 10 to ultimate meaning
Abhir 5 a cowherd; according to manu the offspring of a brahman by a woman of the ambashtha (medical tribe)
Abhiraa 7 beautiful, lovely, delightful
Abhiraaja 9 great king
Abhiraama 9 pleasing, delightful, beautiful
Abhiraama 9 pleasing
Abhiratha 9 great charioteer
Abhirup 7 pleasing
Abhirupa 8 beautiful
Abhishek 8 an auspicious bath for a deity;anointing
Abhishek 8 inaugurating or consecrating by sprinkling water; also inauguration of a king, royal function, anointing ceremony
Abhisheka 9 to sprinkle
Abhivaad 8 to address or salute with reverence. (from mahabharata)
Abhivaadan 10 respectful salutation
Abhivaadana 11 to salute
Abhoo 5 unborn
Abhra 5 cloud
Abhu 4 unborn
Abhyuday 8 one who has risen to prosperity
Achal 5 constant
Achala 6 steady, immovable
Achala 6 static
Achaleshwara 12 lord of immovable world
Achanchala 10 steady, immovable
Achintya 8 inconceivable
Achintya 8 unthinkable
Achintya 8 one who is beyond comprehension
Achintya 8 inconceivable;a name of lord shiva
Achlendra 9 king of the mountains
Achyut 6 imperishable; a name of vishnu
Achyuta 7 indestructable
Achyuta 7 unchanged
Achyutaananda 13 the joy of remaining steadfast
Achyutavikranta 15 courageousss
Adbhuta 7 wonderful, extraordinary
Adeena 6 one who is not poor or not distressed or not dejected or not frightened
Adesh 5 command
Adhaataa 8 one who is not possessed
Adhara 6 one who is under
Adharmashatru 13 destroyer of unrighteousness, injustice or enemy of injustice
Adheera 7 impatient
Adheesha 8 emperor
Adheeta 7 scholar
Adheip 6 king
Adhideva 8 highest god
Adhik 5 greater
Adhika 6 more
Adhisthaanam 12 support
Adhokshaja 10 with lowered eyes
Adhokshaja 10 incomprehensible by sense organ
Adhoorta 8 one who is not cunning
Adhruta 7 without any support or one who does not need support
Adhruta 7 cannot be held or possessed
Adhvaryu 8 one who knows how to perform yajnas
Adhyaatmayoganilaya 19 where apiritulism and yoga resides
Adil 4 sincere; just
Adinath 7 the first lord (lord vishnu)
Aditi 5 free, boundless, entire happy, pious earth, mother of gods
Aditya 6 the sun
Adrashya 8 invisible
Adrayaalaya 11 residing on mountain
Adri 4 like mountain
Adri 4 mountain
Advaya 6 unique
Adwaita 7 non-duality
Adway 5 one; united
Aftab,Aftaab 12 the sun
Agasti, Agastya 16 name of a sage
Agastya 7 like agastya, who was a sage
Agendra 7 king of the mountains
Agha 4 pre-eminent
Agharna 7 the moon
Aghat 5 destroyer of sin
Aghora 6 not horrible
Aghora 6 not fierce
Agnajita 8 conqueror of fire
Agneya 6 impossible to know
Agnibhatta 10 one who has unsubdued splendour
Agnika 6 related to fire
Agnima 6 leader
Agniprava 9 bright as the fire
Agraahya 8 cannot be grasped
Agrabodhi 9 the first guru
Agraha 6 difficult to comprehend
Agraja 6 born first
Agrajeeta 9 one who wins first
Agrim 5 leader; first
Agriya 6 first; best
Aguna 5 a fault or without virtues
Aha 3 day
Aha 3 praise, deviation from custom
Ahankaara 9 pride
Aharnisha 9 day and night
Aharpati 8 like sun
Ahsan 5 mercy
Airaawata 9 proceeding from water
Aishwaryajanmamrityujaraatiga 29 one who is without birth, death or old age because of divinity
Aja 3 unborn i.e. existing from all eternity
Aja 3 existing from all eternity, unborn
Aja 3 unborn
Ajaamila 8 unfriendly
Ajaataa 7 unborn
Ajaatashatru 12 without enemies
Ajaatashatru 12 one who does not have any enemy or one who does not lose out to an enemy.
Ajamil 6 a mythological king
Ajay 4 invincible
Ajaya 5 invincible
Ajeya 5 unconquerable
Ajinkya 7 unconquerable
Ajit 4 invincible
Ajita 5 unconquerable
Ajitaabh 8 one who has conquered the skies
Ajitapriya 10 the loved one who is invincible
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